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General Musharraf has received the answer to the speech

India nuclear war
the Broadcast appeal to the nation of the president of Pakistan Perveza Musharrafa with whom it has acted in the evening on Monday will not conduct with it any negotiations
, predictably, has caused sharp reaction of Delhi. Yesterday head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India Dzhasvant Singh named speech of the Pakistan president “ disappointing and dangerous “. He also has declared that India will not use of the first the nuclear weapon that Pakistan is the centre of the international terrorism and that no negotiations in Alma - Ate between leaders of two countries will exist.
in the evening on Monday the president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf) has acted with a broadcast appeal to the nation. The part of performance of the Pakistan leader has been devoted internal problems of the country. In particular, he has promised that general election will take place, as well as it planned earlier, during the period between October, 7th and 12. But the basic attention has been given relations with India and situations round Kashmir, threatening by the beginning of the third world (and nuclear) wars.
the main theses of performance of the president of Pakistan are reduced to the following. Pakistan condemns any displays of terrorism. Any penetration of insurgents through border (through a control line between the Pakistan and Indian parts of Kashmir.-) recently was not. Pakistan does not want war and the first will not begin it but if war is imposed will answer “ with all power “. Thus the president of Pakistan has promised that its country will not stop support “ fighters for independence of Kashmir “.
Almost at once after performance of the president Pakistan has conducted tests of rockets of small range “ Hatf - 2 “ capable to bear both usual, and nuclear warheads. All it occurred against activization of the international diplomatic activity on intensity decrease in region: On Monday to Islamabad almost profits simultaneously zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Anatoly Safonov and head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain Jack Straw (Jack Straw).
Before to react to performance of the president of Pakistan, India has sustained a pause. On Monday evening official comments were limited to a phrase a press - the secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nirupamy Rao (Nirupama Rao): “ the History shows that in a case with Pakistan that you see, is not that you have “. And only yesterday with an official statement the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dzhasvant Singh (Jaswant Singh) has acted.
Mister Singh named speech of president Musharrafa “ disappointing and dangerous “. He also has accused the Pakistan president that that “ too simply “ speaks about use of the nuclear weapon, and has confirmed adherence of India to the politician of non-use of the first of the nuclear weapon. Besides, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India named Pakistan “ epicentre “ World terrorism, and has as the curtain fell noticed that does not see possibilities for a meeting of the prime minister of India Atala Bihari Vadzhpai (Atal Behari Vajpayee) with president Musharrafom in Alma - Ate as it was offered one of these days the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. “ Putin`s words have misunderstood “ - the minister has declared.
in all this verbal polemic guard some moments. In - the first, Pakistan says that will not begin war, and India - that will not use of the first the nuclear weapon. To one another obviously does not contradict. In - the second, Pakistan declares possibility of the answer to aggression “ with all power “ and there and then shows the it is rocket - nuclear power. At last, in the aversion “ internationalisations of a Kashmir problem “ India has reached that rejects any intermediary initiatives.
proceeding from all it, the western analysts already count variants of succession of events. Yesterday The New York Times has given the analysis according to which application of the nuclear weapon in the conflict between India and Pakistan will lead to instant  destruction of 12 million persons. And it not including the long-term consequences connected, in - the first, with distribution of radioactive infection not only on two countries directly involved in the conflict, but also on adjacent regions, and in - the second, with a collapse of all system of public health services from the Near East to Jugo - East Asia.
in the meantime the western countries have already begun evacuation of the citizens from Pakistan. Yesterday after the governments of Great Britain, the USA and France the decision on evacuation of members of families of diplomats from Islamabad has accepted the government of Germany. Messages on similar decisions concerning members of families of the diplomats accredited in India, did not arrive yet. And it also directs at reflexions. Or the West does not trust in use possibility Pakistan the nuclear weapon (and means of its delivery from border to Delhi at Islamabad are), or believes that the superiority of India in conventional armaments guarantees that military operations will not be thrown on the Indian territory.