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The Moscow government has gone to the River of the Island With. T

Yesterday at meeting of shareholders of the registrar of the River of the Island With. T the decision on carrying out dopemissii actions in favour of the government of Moscow was accepted. That River of the Island With. T has fixed the status of the authorised registrar of authorities of the capital.
the company of the River of the Island With. T it is formed in the middle of 2001 after merge of two registrars - the Panorama and FRK.
As the chairman of board of directors of the River of the Island S.T.Maxim Protasov has declared after meeting, shareholders by a majority of votes have made the decision on increase in an authorised capital stock of the company for transfer of a part of actions to the government of Moscow. In the registrar it receives a share in exchange for joining to to the Panorama the Moscow register company (MRK) (wrote about it). According to Maxim Protasov, Moscow will receive to 5 % of actions of the River of the Island With. T, having converted in them actions MRK.
By the way, converting process, instead of purchases dopemissii has allowed the capital government to become the shareholder of the River of the Island S.T.Delo v tom, chto, according to the new law About privatisation of the state and municipal property taken effect on April, 27th, it is forbidden to subjects of the Russian Federation to buy shares in the companies, if they less than 25 %. At the same time, according to Federal Commission on Securities requirements, the share of each shareholder in the capital of the registrar should not be more than 20 %.
it is necessary to notice that in 2000 when the decision on joining MRK to " was accepted; to the Panorama to last has passed also the status of the authorised registrar of the capital government. Then some registrars through MAP could challenge the decision of the Moscow government about giving of this status without competition carrying out. However yesterday the basic holders of registers of the Moscow enterprises - MFTS and the Register - Have declared that about occurrence of the Moscow government in shareholders of the River of the Island With. T it was known for a long time and they hope that it will not affect in any way the market. the market is actually redistributed, and it will lower nothing and will not add - Alexander Semenov, the general director of joint-stock company " has noted; the Register which minority shareholder also is the capital government. The general director of registrar MFTS Igor Poljakov who challenged in due time in MAPe the decision of Moscow about the authorised registrars, has declared that the Panorama pravopreemnitsej which the Rouble of the Island is With. T, well-known in the market the not market methods of struggle. if any decisions breaking a competition are now let out, or pressure upon emitters with use upolnomochennosti I will challenge again it in MAPe or courts " will begin; - he has added.
participants of the market notice that at the River of the Island With. T. Till now is not present registratorskoj the licence (it is at Panoramas ). Maxim Protasov has explained that the River of the Island With. T is the assignee Panoramas therefore the licence operates, and documents on change of the name in the licence are already submitted to Federal Commission on Securities.