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General FPS has not lived till a holiday

Yesterday, in Day of the frontier guard, in hospital of medical university of a city of Sapporo (Japan) has died 39 - the summer chief of territorial department Southern - Sahalinsk Pacific regional government of the Federal frontier service the general - major Vitaly Gamov.
attempt at Vitaly Gamova as already informed, has been made on May, 21st. Criminals have thrown bottles with a gas mixture its apartment in Southern - Sahalinske. As a result the general and his wife Larissa have appeared in hospital - at them 95 % and 60 % of an integument have been burnt accordingly. This very day the governor of the Sakhalin region Igor Fahrutdinovu managed to agree about sending of victims to Japan. Spouses a special flight delivered in Sapporo and have placed in hospital of local medical university. It is necessary to tell that Japanese doctors from the very beginning refused to do any forecasts concerning the general. Madam Gamovu have soon translated in hospital at university Kiorin in the Tokyo suburb Mitaka. Past Friday to it operation, yesterday - one more has been made. While it was possible to replace a skin to 37 % of the amazed area, and six are coming more - seven similar operations.
on Monday doctors have informed on some stabilisation of a condition of Vitaly Gamova and have started to prepare for operation and it. However at night the general had problems with breath. Heart has then stopped, and there has come clinical death. Doctors managed to rescue the patient then within ten hours direct ventilation of its lungs by pure oxygen was spent. But the medicine has appeared is powerless. In 7. 45 mornings Moscow time the general has died (opening has shown that as a result of pulmonary insufficiency). Vitaly Gamov has not lived only five days before the fortieth anniversary.
As has informed the first vitse - the governor of the Sakhalin region Ivan Malakhov, today a special flight the body of the general will be delivered in Southern - Sahalinsk. On Thursday in a town house of officers sahalintsy can say goodbye to Vitaly Gamovym. Will bury the general in Sochi where its relatives live.
yesterday, in Day of the frontier guard, management FPS pochtilo memory of the victim. The telegramme with condolences to relatives of mister Gamova was directed by the president of Russia Putin. And director FPS Konstantin Totsky (the service has collected about $1 million on treatment of victims) has promised that frontier guards will not throw in a trouble 14 - the summer son of the general: In Moscow suburbs there is a lycee where he will study, and in its year the military school " waits;.
While employees of the South Sakhalin militia and the Offices of Public Prosecutor investigating criminal case under articles Murder and the Encroachment on life state or the public figure Extremely carefully make comments on the first results of the work. The information that in connection with an attack on the general are searched three local addicts whom have ostensibly paid on $100, they name false. Though say that suspects on this business already are. But while nobody is detained.
under the basic version of the investigation, the crime was custom-made, and its gangsters connected with " have made; a fish mafia . Recently, as mark sources in administration of the Sakhalin region, frontier guards have considerably pressed the businessmen who are engaged in an illegal sea craft - in particular, it is a question of illicit deliveries of a crab, a sea hedgehog, a shrimp and other seafood to Japan and South Korea. According to FPS, in Japanese ports in the north of Hokkaido have toughened rules of receipt of goods of the Russian harvesting vessels, having cancelled so-called customs declarations of clearing. (Before smugglers gave false declarations according to which cargo can legally be delivered for export as has passed through customs.) In April, for example, Japanese have turned out from one of the ports a North Kuril vessel of firm Akva - sphere . At the same time at the initiative of general Gamova the exit in the sea has been forbidden fishing schooners of the Japanese construction which have done not pass the Russian Sea register. And such on Sakhalin and Kuriles tens are.
as have noted in FPS, general Gamov heading the South Sakhalin frontier guards of last two years (before he served on Kuriles), has created the unique system which has allowed for short term to put things in order in the field of extraction of bioresources. Thus Vitaly Gamova`s subordinates not only understood with poachers (and now it not separate vessels, and the whole flotillas equipped by last word technicians), but also spent operative work among the legal fishing companies. Only for the last some months employees of territorial department Southern - Sahalinsk Have spent over 800 checks by which results have confiscated some tens tons of seafood, having fined infringers on 2,5 million rbl. Thus, according to representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor, enemies at general Gamova was enough.
In the Department of Internal Affairs Southern - Sahalinska notice that criminals, most likely, did not set as the purpose to kill Vitaly Gamova (the general never used security guards and at its desire it was possible to shoot simply). More likely, the arson was last prevention. However circumstances have developed so that at the moment of fire Larissa Gamova has decided to deduce the son from apartment in a safe place. Has opened a door, and air which has rushed into apartment has provided the additional draught which has led to flash of fire.
within the limits of investigation 16 various examinations with which help the consequence expects to establish an origin of a gas mixture and factory falshfejerov which were used for its ignition are appointed.
Detectives and inspectors have interrogated heads of many fishing companies and Vitaly Gamova`s subordinates, however anybody from them could not pass an opinion concrete versions of an event. The consequence and after employees UBOPa have dispersed at the South Sakhalin restaurant " has not promoted; Seoul a meeting on which have arrived more than 200 criminal leaders from all Far East. authorities and thieves in the law which delivered in UBOP, have declared that have gathered to celebrate birthday of one of Sakhalin godfathers . About an attack on the general all of them, naturally, knew, but have told that anybody from participants of their brigades is not involved in tragedy. Under the assumption of arrested persons, the general, most likely, have burnt any stray morons - we on such are not capable .