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The post of president FIFA costs to $100 million

Present, 26 - j the congress of the Union of the European football associations (UEFA), passing in Stockholm, will become history as the most scandalous. For some days participants of the forum divided into two camps - supporters and opponents of the working president of the International federation of football (FIFA) Zeppa Blattera, have poured out against each other so much dirt that would suffice on three congresses. President UEFA of Lennart Juhansson day by day repeating is especially allocated that mister Blatter was caught stealing.
if presidential elections FIFA not coming on May, 29th in Seoul present congress UEFA risked to turn to rather ordinary action. It was initially supposed that the presentation of the countries - pretenders to carrying out of the championship of continent of 2008 becomes the highlight of the program. There was in the program of work of the congress one more important point - presidential elections UEFA. But considering that to delegates to choose there was nothing - the nominee was exposed only by Lennart Juhansson (Lennart Johansson), and this question has turned no more than to formality. Mister Juhansson, predictably, has easily typed a necessary poll and remains the president of the organisation for four years. Certainly, it should use this situation once again not to walk on the old opponent Zeppu Blatteru (Sepp Blatter) which, what not a secret, mister Juhansson at all does not wish to see at the head of FIFA and suggests to select instead of it Cameroonian Issu Hajatu (Issa Hayatou). The blessing and the next occasion has appeared. In the British mass-media on Wednesday have passed messages as which affirms that four years ago when Zepp Blatter was elected for the first time on a post of president FIFA (business was in Paris), it has actually bribed several delegates and thus has bypassed in voting of Lennarta Juhanssona, also aspiring to occupy the higher futbolno - the official post in the world. Affirms, in particular, that payoff was carried out by means of company ISMM/ ISL (the old marketing partner FIFA which has gone bankrupt in last year). The scheme was following. ISMM/ ISL, engaged in placing of the rights to teletranslations of matches of the World championship of 2002, has addressed to two broadcasting companies - Brazilian TV Globo and Japanese Dentsu TV - with the request to translate into its accounts as advance payment for the rights to a picture in total $100 million But that is remarkable, money (in broadcasting companies confirm that transfers have really been carried out) have not arrived into account ISMM/ ISL, and have been written down on certain lihtenshtejnskuju the company. The part of these $100 million as confirms, in particular, Daily Mail, and has been used for payoff of delegates later. But Zepp Blatter, and its authorised representatives disposed of them, say, not.
now, of course, considering bankruptcy ISMM/ ISL, will find documentary acknowledgement of this history extremely difficult. However mister Juhansson already insists on investigation carrying out. $100 million is, whether know, good money. Also it would be necessary to understand, where they have got to, to find guilty and to punish. I will not begin to assert that from these means someone bribed, but I quite believe that the means which were due FIFA, could use unreasonably at least - president UEFA has declared. Then has repeated the charge to mister Blattera to whom it charges with the over-expenditure at least 900 million Swiss francs ($544,8 million) for last four years.
against the extremely aggressive position of mister Juhanssona Zepp Blatter looks justifying. If by that part of claims that its manners of management concern (authoritative as its opponents speak), president FIFA nevertheless puts forward some counterarguments in reply to suspicions in financial frauds keeps silent that adds to it few chances of re-election.
mister Blatter and its competitor in pre-election race mister Hajatu used congress UEFA as a way to incline on the party the European national federations. Issa Hajatu on this field, perhaps, has changed the opponent, having put forward, in particular, such idea: to avoid authoritarianism in management FIFA, it is necessary to limit term of stay of one person in power to two four-year terms. And Zepp Blatter has only expressed in that spirit that if it is not necessary to Europe, it does not mean that it is not necessary in FIFA. This statement the working president, probably, has acquired to itself some more ill-wishers. After all in Europe and so extremely negatively concern plans of mister Blattera to reduce a quota of the European national teams in the World championships (on present superiority 15 commands of the Old World will act). Does not cause optimism and intention to lower representation UEFA in executive committee FIFA where Europeans occupy now 8 of 24 places.
differently, in Seoul serious struggle, seemingly, is necessary. And hardly an appeal of Zeppa Blattera Let`s play fair it will be heard.