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Belarus shows military power

On the eve of the summit Russia - the NATO in territory of Belarus under the direction of the Minister of Defence of republic the general - colonel Leonid Maltsev have begun complex operatively - tactical doctrines Berezina - 2002 severo - the Western operative command. In the raised battle readiness divisions of army, aircraft, frontier troops and the Ministry of Emergency Measures are resulted, partial mobilisation of military men of a stock is declared. Within the limits of maneuvers it is planned to spend more than 15 tactical, letno - tactical and taktiko - special doctrines. Doctrines will pass in three stages. 27 - on May, 29th armies will translate with peace on the martial law and the system of territorial defence will be developed. 30 - on May, 31st armies will be put forward in area of doctrines. 1 - on June, 2nd will start performance of the problems put by command. At this stage the commander-in-chief will observe of actions of armies armed forces of the country president Alexander Lukashenko. On termination of army maneuvers will return to places of a constant disposition.