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Great, mighty, American

George Bush has told the loaded word in Europe
the Western mass media bring the first results of tour of US president George Bush which for five days of visit to Europe has made six stops in the different countries and cities, has spent set of meetings and has received weight of impressions. While the analysis concerns basically oratory of head of the White house.

on Sunday during time a press - conferences in a palace on the Champs Elysee the president Bush (George W. Bush) complained of infringement of a daily rhythm of an organism from - for flight lasting many hours. When one journalist had to repeat for it a question part, the president has grievously noticed: Here that happens, when to you for 55 . Thus he addressed to Jacque Chirac (Jacques Chirac) which age comes nearer to 70 and which in the answer only has with astonishment lifted eyebrows.
It there was not the unique case, testifying that mister Bush would be not not prevented by rest. In Berlin during joint a press - conferences with German chancellor Gerhard Schroder (Gerhard Schroeder) he has told that the West is obliged to help Russia to transform into securities dismantle... The dismantled nuclear warheads having used instead of secure ( to provide safety, to guarantee ) a word securitize ( to transform into securities ) . On what one of political advisers of the president has noticed: We also are glad to invest the capital in such securities, yes hardly who will buy them .
In Moscow he has offered own variant of the declaration of independence, having told in conversation with religious leaders: We value about what our declaration of independence says - all have not inaliennable rights with which we were allocated with the Creator having used a word uninalienable instead of unalienable and thus having changed sense of a phrase on opposite. In St.-Petersburg mister Bush has decided to show sense of humour. When one student has asked, whether its problem of brain drain from Russia on the West excites, he has answered: many brains are required to Russia to create leak .
Has got from the tired American president and to reporter NBC News David Gregory (David Gregory) which during joint the press - conferences of US presidents and France at first has asked a question to George Bush on - anglijski, and then, having passed to French, has asked Jacque Chirac to add and the comments. On it the American president, obviously having decided that the reporter sticks out the erudition, has told with undisguised sarcasm: That`s great. Will learn four words and already thinks itself mezhkontinentalom (intercontinental) probably wishing to name it a cosmopolitan . The reporter, wishing to prove the knowledge, has suggested to continue in French, but it has only complicated to itself life. I am amazed, Que bueno, - mister Bush has told, using the Spanish expression meaning perfectly . Also has added: - Here now and I svedushch in two languages . Journalists have drawn a conclusion that in the presence of the president it is necessary to speak exclusively on - anglijski.