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Two years have passed for a month

photo biennial
Last and, perhaps, the main exhibition Moscow photobiennial - the Tokyo still-life Nobuesi Araki - still hangs on ground floor MDF, but as a whole IV International month of a photo in Moscow is finished.
as well as two years ago, photobiennial has brought to Moscow thousand pictures - Russian and foreign, old and modern, excellent, good and so-so.
there was a lot of a bared nature, and it enticed public. It is not less landscapes to which to very few people was affairs. Photobiennial themes - 2002 - children, a body, a landscape - were illustrated in every possible way.
here young, naked and yet the priest - a star Martin Shrajbera`s Madonna (Martin Schreiber). And here self-portraits elderly, but too naked philosopher Jean Bodrijara (Jean Baudrillard). From the art point of view one - a kitsch, another - a trash. With another, more clear - a nu of the Madonna how the photographer has heated up on another`s glory. However, and pictures of the philosopher anybody would not notice, not be mister Bodrijar so it is well-known for the texts.
on such background unknown naked Russian from remote places is more interesting looked. Stanislav Yavorsky, Sergey Chilikova, Sergey Golovacha`s naive pictures where with a crude body the cheap chamber works, the film is saved on a lack of money, and the tipsy models writhe as more beautifully. All it though looks as - that awkwardly, but districts nevertheless are more adequate. And so, also it is necessary to do a separate festival theme of them, to name it as - nibud solemnly and simply, the Native land for example. Japanese Araki (Nobuyoshi Araki) was not ashamed after all of the interest to local sexual colour. However, to this colour too there corresponds their local phototechnics.
as well as in former years, a lot of the qualitative photo has brought from France. But the French curators of the themes to offer not steels, and in reply to the another`s have simply rummaged around on meetings and have taken out a lot of body, a landscape and children. Convincing on this background Bernard Fokon (Bernard Faucon), played the childhood with children worldwide looked only. To cheerfulness of the Frenchman have picked up frightening antipode - photos of the modern Petersburg teenagers playing a sensuality and sex. So, according to critics, the childhood picture looks more full.
director MDF Olga Sviblova asserts that the last Moscow festival - the largest in Europe. After the Parisian photographic review, certainly. It is necessary to hope that she does not intend to compete in two years to Paris. In Moscow have learnt to do the big photographic exhibitions and regularly to hold festivals. So now Moscow photobiennial can safely change to the western recipes.