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Moscow has appeared in a boundary situation

For one day
a holiday
Yesterday since early morning in a body - and radio news of Muscovites warned that day will be uneasy: frontier guards celebrate the professional holiday. It was thus mentioned that favourite meeting place on a holiday at frontier guards is the park Bitter where it is better not to go as defenders of border fight and huliganjat. Correspondent MICHAEL - DEMIDENKO has gone.
since the morning a holiday of frontier guards have remembered not only mass-media, but also the first persons of the state. Vladimir Putin has congratulated military men, the civil personnel and veterans of the Federal frontier service on a professional holiday, having noticed that frontier guards a minute of military danger the first take up blow of the opponent and prove to be worthy nice predecessors . The Head of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov on behalf of the cabinet has wished frontier guards of success in Hard business of protection of frontier .
Having heard flatter words from the president and the head of the government, frontier guards have gone to congratulate each other. As always, the biggest congestion green peak-caps it was observed in the Central recreation park of a name Bitter. Constantly in park Bitter were, how militiamen, from 650 to 700 persons spoke. Thus near the central input active movement of frontier guards both in one, and in other party was observed. Militiamen was not so much, and they in every possible way refused to speak to the correspondent, how many them. The officer of militia and has told: for what . Militiamen were helped by the protection of park sitting mainly in a shade of trees, and people with the civilian, hesitating of the big portable radio sets.
frontier guards Bitter came to park either steams, or the big companies. They have been dressed all on - to a miscellaneous, but obligatory attribute was, as usual, the green peak-cap. And many of them could not be presented without a peak-cap the frontier guard: suits and ties on adult people in any way did not give out an accessory of their owner to the given combat arm. Naturally, all drank. One did it peacefully in numerous cafes, others with shouts and on a grass. Thus representatives of the weaker sex used dry closets exclusively.
one of the main traditions of celebrating of Day of the frontier guard - bathing in fountains of park Bitter. But militiamen knew about this tradition not worse frontier guards and have surrounded in good time the main fountain of park turnstiles. There, truth, anybody also did not aspire, as nearby there was a pond. There green peak-caps in one cowards also have got. Thus young militiamen did not try to interfere with frontier guards in their desire to honour tradition. Only two officers have rushed to a pond, enticing swimmers on coast. But them have not taken away in militia, and one officer even has taken trousers of the frontier guard while that took off the blotted pants. During this moment on other coast in water three young men have jumped at once. However again to hold trousers of frontier guards militiamen have not dared and have easy left.
having left attempts to find though any signs of beginning fight, the correspondent has addressed for the help to the young man in a green peak-cap. Oleg serving on border with Estonia, has come to park Bitter already the fourth time and has reminded the correspondent that commandoes in August, and " fight usually; frontier guards always walk cultural .