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With an anniversary it are congratulated by special correspondent ID ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV:
- Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

in a sunny day of yours 55 - letija (after all in Tajikistan where you meet him, others simply do not happen) I want to congratulate you on approach of the best time in your life. It is a little more, still any half a year - and it will come. Having left from a post of the president of Russia, you become at last - that the free person.

you can laugh, cry, sing, love. You can lead that life about which it is so much years only dreamt! Go to the cinema, Vladimir Vladimirovich! In Moscow set of fine cinemas! And fitness - clubs? You should not open only them any more (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij). You will come to fitness - club as the high-grade citizen of the Russian Federation (do not forget, by the way, the passport). You can at last - to sit down that for a wheel and to sweep on the car across Moscow without these exhausting I smother sirens and krjakanja escort cars. You can take pleasure in about what till now only heard, - the Moscow stoppers!

life in all its completeness and width will open for you all in half a year when you, having fulfilled the promise, will leave the Kremlin after eight years selfless and, I would tell, ruthless service to Fatherland and become one of us and even better, than we because we in our peace life no means always fulfil the promises.

the word of honour, I envy you!

the congratulation is transferred by the weaver of the fifth category of Open Company Nordteks a member of a high council an United Russia Elena Lapshin who at congress the first has called on October, 1st something to think up that Vladimir Vladimirovich remained the president after 2008:

- Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Every day life of Russians changes to the best, qualities of work and life day after day raise, well-being of inhabitants of our country grows. Though and by the end of term of your powers, but I nevertheless could see you personally and be convinced that you - the unique national leader. I wish you that all plans directed on growth and prosperity of Russia, have been realised by your followers for the Native land blessing. And we, simple working people, will give you feasible support in your hard work.