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As it was required to show

Scandal with an interdiction of performance of Dimy Bilan on RMA (see from 29. 09. 07) it has appeared no more than PR - provocation: it has received three awards MTV, including main - the Actor of year and again will go to represent Russia on Europe Music Awards, this time to Munich. On a holiday of Russian MTV - BARABANOVU protagonists the priest - stars and young striptizershi has seemed to BORIS elderly.
For half an hour to the official beginning of ceremony on a scene there was a group Mummies the Troll having justified the worst fears concerning a new ice palace on the Hodynsky field. To build up here a normal live sound, titanic efforts are required. To apply them in Russian MTV gathered nobody. The same has proved to be true and during performance Animals - to leader Romanu Bilyku at all at once have included a microphone. Before letting out on a scene the main foreign guest Avril Lavin, technicians of minutes twenty built up equipment, without being confused at all presence of public at a hall, and all the same the sound was far from an ideal.

such it is impossible for itself to present at ceremonies MTV in Europe and the USA, on competing with RMA ceremonies of delivery of awards Muses - TV . Completely the live sound was basic on RMA - 2007 only for three collectives, the others quite were content with minus or full soundtracks. The vocalist who not in time to a microphone to the beginning of the party, was the normal phenomenon, as well as that, leaving on the main scene located in the centre of arena, actors sang only for the VIP - tribunes (the most part of time hardly filled half), having addressed back to other spectators.

the Overwhelming majority of those who left to hand over prizes, have not been warned that at first there should pass video prompt with names of nominees, and already then it is necessary to open an envelope. As the leader of ceremony Pavel Volja has noted, organizers did not have not enough money for use of the teleprompter, besides translation of video prompts and close ups went only on the stationary screens ground under hockey matches, and, to see them, it was required to know about their existence and strongly to lift up a head. Visitors got off, outvoiced the written down fragments, often simply did not understand that by it to do. Having stepped on the stage to hand over a prize to the best group under the version related MTV channel VH1, Ivan Demidov has loudly read a fragment offered it script writers of dialogue with absent Dmitry Dibrovym and named all creative finds of authors of ceremony ahineej .

the abundance of persons, with teenage television not associating absolutely not was One of characteristic features of ceremony RMA. It is necessary to guess, on whose deep plan at ceremony MTV in 2007 there are by turns Turbo Bi from group Snap! From songs The Power (1990), then Igor Nikolays and Arcady Ukupnik (why - that with the wife), then Bogdan Titomir, and is closer to the ending group Tokyo executes on - russki a song of group The Beloved of 1993 Sweet Harmony . It was similar on the Disco 80 - h on a retroparty in club the String bean but only not on MTV Awards.

Perhaps, for the first time in history Russian MTV of its award has carried with the conducting. Pavel Volja from Comedy Club was a match for comedians like Chris Roka, Sashi Cohen or Jack Bleka which habitually to see at the western ceremonies MTV. With the mister Will Evgenie Derjugin often entered dialogue - an official voice of Russian MTV, the person never appearing on a scene, but rescued the wit not one ceremony and not one program of the channel. During any moment mister Derjugin, probably, has understood, what even its directing remarks from - under a ceiling not in a condition to prevent an action total failure, has spat and has begun to be thrown with the comedian by jokes on a theme of the size of a bust of one more leader - singers and actresses Anna Semenovich.

In general, all without an exception the humour has been concentrated to ceremony round sex, sexy young ladies and homosexuality of some the VIP - visitors, the exception was made only by jokes concerning growth of Avril Lavin. To their girl, naturally, did not translate, and it would be desirable to ask leaders: why it not to joke about growth, for example, Valentine Yudashkin present at a hall? The erotic theme has reached the highest heat in joint number of rappers of Timati and Bogdana Titomira with a refrain Dirty whores will be punished, their mums too will be punished . Puritan American MTV the similar text about sadomazoorgii, so here the Russian office head office nevertheless perekreativil also did not dream.

By the way, main emtivishnik, president MTV Networks International Bill Roudi left to hand over one of prizes under the handle with a pornostar Elena Berkovoj. It cost nothing to enter this image and the girl by name of Julia Kova whom, without straining about hit in a soundtrack, has sung with Timati a song In club . It is known that behind shoulders at the actress not only a title Ms. Russia - 2003 but also nu shootings. In general, sometimes there was a sensation that the majority of singers, half-dressed mass meeting and dancers - striptizersh in ice were brought from all saunas of the north of capital. Was at ceremony and absolutely rigid porno. Otherwise you will not name the song version Nautilusa a Pompilius I want to be with you which rapper Ligalajz has bungled.

Minutes for fifteen groups to an exit Tokyo the ramp conducting on a scene, had a flock of girls on which of clothes there was only corporal colour a bottom. They should reproduce alive erotic video on a group song. Spectators shivered from a cold in the ice on tribunes even, and naked girls waited for a command to an exit practically on ice. During this moment concept RMA - 2007 became is crystal the clear. The main image of representation is a way of the Russian girl what it sees MTV. At first the masseur from a sauna, patiently waiting for the hour of triumph. Then the career based on active trade by natural anatomy (actresses Semenovich, Berkova, Bjanka, Kova). And at last, a successful marriage. Images of well-founded matrons on rest, in black dresses and laces, have presented led by Jeanne Friske ladies from different structures of group Shining united for the sake of historical performances on RMA. Their life is obviously daring.