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Kuzbass mebelshchiki will show an economy class

One of the largest Siberian furniture ritejlerov Open Company the Kuzbass furniture company comes on the market of Krasnoyarsk region. The first shop of the company will open in Krasnoyarsk today, and in the long term kemerovchane expect to develop expansion of a network of firm shops Energy of a cosiness . The director for Open Company marketing has informed On opening of the first shop of the company in Krasnoyarsk " yesterday; the Kuzbass furniture company Dmitry Konovalov. As he said, diskaunter -1 will open today in shopping centre Babylon located on the right coast of Yenisei. The area of shop about 2 thousand in sq. m, the general investments $300 thousand
In assortment -1 will be presented to opening of shop furniture of the Russian and Belarus manufacture. the majority of players of the local market work in a high price segment. Feature of our shop - availability of the goods. We will give to buyers interest-free instalments on furniture for 10-12 months. Furniture diskaunter - a new format which we want to test in Krasnoyarsk. Till now we developed supermarkets Energy of a cosiness . During half a year we will analyze features of the local market - mister Konovalov has shared plans.
Open Company the Kuzbass furniture company it is based in 1998. Does business under brands the Kuzbass furniture company and Energy of a cosiness . 23 salons of the company work in 13 Siberian cities, the most part - in the Kemerovo region. The total area of all shops makes the largest of them about 40 thousand in sq. m. are located in Novokuznetsk (4 thousand sq.) and Novosibirsk (3,5 thousand sq.). The annual turn of the company makes about $50 million Owners do not reveal. Besides obkatki a new format The Kuzbass furniture company intend to develop expansion to Krasnoyarsk and the checked up methods. According to mister Konovalova, after -1 in region there will be also network shops Energy of a cosiness . While it is a question of opening of two salons in disctricts of the city - Dmitry Konovalov has noted. For production advancement kemerovchane intend to conduct an active advertising campaign. the accent will be made on availability of production... However advancement strategy will differ from traditional - Maria Guschin has told the chief of department of advertising of the furniture company.
in Novosibirsk our shops settle down nearby, we each other do not create any problems. We are not afraid of a competition to the Kuzbass company, as we work in absolutely different price segments: our prices above in three-four times - the commercial director of Open Company " has commented on occurrence of the new player; Kosta-Bella Evgenie Ermoshkin. By its estimation, the Kuzbass furniture company it will be hard to press in the market and sellers of inexpensive furniture. in Krasnoyarsk there are just the same companies. Thus in cost of the goods of the Kuzbass company will be put also transport expenses - mister Ermoshkin has noted.
According to the general director the Krasnoyarsk furniture company Victorias Stepanovoj, the Kuzbass company will occupy the niche in the local furniture market. each goods have the buyer, therefore the new player will by all means find buyers. Of a competition we are not afraid, as we struggle for the consumers. We for a long time in the local market, and at us are the steady customers. And our factories - leaders on a level of production and goods turnover - madam Stepanova has declared.
the chairman of Krasnoyarsk guild mebelshchikov Yury Makarenkov adheres to Other opinion. By its estimation, arrival nonresident ritejlera for the majority of participants of the market does not remain not noticed. in the Kuzbass furniture company technologies of sales are fulfilled, and the Krasnoyarsk furniture companies it is not enough about it care. The part of the enterprises, most likely, will stop the existence. The competition will be more rigid, and, to keep buyers, serious efforts " be required; - mister Makarenkov has predicted.
Nonna Goncharenko, Krasnoyarsk