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Tomichi have not understood advantages of the atomic power station

Tomsk regional administration has published results of sociological poll concerning forthcoming building of the atomic power station in Severske. Results have appeared for it unfavourable: the majority of inhabitants of Tomsk and removed from areas Severska have spoken against the project. The authorities have explained it “ insufficient knowledge of citizens of principles of work of the atomic power station “ also intend to strengthen “ explanatory work “. The chief of regional department of an information policy and on public relations Sergey Nikiforov has explained necessity of carrying out of poll to that “ the power needs to know opinion of citizens to consider it at each stage of realisation of the project “. The Tomsk management actively supports the project. Governor Victor Kress and the speaker of regional Duma Boris Maltsev repeatedly said that the atomic power station will allow to make power sufficient region which today more than 60 % of the electric power buy on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market.
In April, 2007 the government of the Russian Federation has considered the project of the general plan of placing of generating capacities in Russia till 2020 which included atomic power station building in BUT Seversk. It is planned to construct two water-water power reactors capacity 1 GVt everyone (ΒΒέΠ-1000). Prospective terms of commissioning of the first block - 2015, the second - 2017. In building of an infrastructure of transfer of the electric power it is necessary to involve about $140 million the management appointed Rosatom will Supervise over realisation of the project. Poll of 1557 respondents was spent from August, 7 till August, 15th, 2007 in Tomsk, Severske and a number of areas. According to regional administration, the maximum loyalty to the project was shown by inhabitants of Severska where there will be an atomic power station (“ for “ - 75 %). But against 57 % of the interrogated inhabitants of the regional centre have expressed.
according to mister Nikiforova, the result not so is bad for supporters of building of the atomic power station: “ Despite bad awareness on the atomic engineering, practically every second interrogated has answered that this branch in area needs to be developed “. “ Many are ready to change the opinion in favour of building if from the state there will be any additional payments and privileges “ - the official has added. In Rosatom press-service to receive comments it was not possible - phone of the press-service of agency did not answer all the day long.
the chief of department of radiating safety OGU “ oblkompriroda “ Yury Zubkov has assumed that negative attitude of citizens is connected by that, “ first, the person does not feel influence of radiation by sense organs; secondly, memory of Chernobyl accident " is still live;. He has assured that similar accident in the Tomsk region will be impossible: “ In the atomic power station in Severske such technology which excludes failure because of an error of the person will be applied. Even if attempts to put it out of action will be undertaken, the station will muffle itself “.
Ecologists, however, continue to doubt. The director of regional public organisation “ the Siberian ecological agency “ Alexey Toropov has reminded that “ in the Seversky atomic power station the principle of superfluous reactance, as well as in all Russian nuclear stations will be applied. That this principle to apply is inadmissible, academicians Dmitry Saharov and the Lion Feoktistov " spoke;. However, he recognised that at station work “ in a regular mode of sharp negative influences on health of the person is not present “.
According to Sergey Nikiforova, the regional administration has drawn conclusions from results of poll and prepares a number “ explanatory actions for citizens with participation of the ecological organisations to remove fears “. Actions will be necessary for the authorities very soon as various political forces can use a theme of building of the atomic power station during campaign for elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. According to Tomsk political scientist Alexey Scherbinin, “ an United Russia “ and the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation, most likely, will be loyal to the project, and, for example, “ the Union of the right forces “ and LDPR can act with its criticism.
Natalia Volosatova, Tomsk