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Vladimir Churova`s First place in this nomination not simply signals about acceleration of elective race. And not simply once again confirms that today the Central Electoral Commission, instead of parties - the main participant of election campaign. Indisputable authority of Churova on the third quarter - the proof of that elections in Russia more do not need bright leaders. Also it seems, a little more - and electoral processes evolve to such level that participation in them of people is not required in general. After all head TSIKa during the considered period has not informed anything valuable. In the speeches it explained the operating selective legislation which all nuances are known for a long time, told amusing stories like that as on training polling district vigilant members of electoral committee have sent it home behind the passport, participated in dispute with antimonopoly service about that, political advertising falls under law action About advertising or not. What has forced journalists so assiduously to listen to head TSIKa? Possibly, what to write about elections something it is necessary, but there is especially nothing: too all is predicted. And stories of Churova nevertheless are amusing, and dispute with FAS though as - that has recovered conditions.
powerful opinion of public prosecutor Yury Chajki concerning exposure by Office of Public Prosecutor of a gang of murderers of journalist Anna Politkovsky, and also explosion investigation the Neva express train have uplifted it for the second line of a rating. Head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko has earned authority in vinodelcheskoj and bank branches - the official argued on returning possibility to Russia of Moldavian wines much and struggled with the banks which are giving out to citizens burdensome credits. It is curious that Onishchenko is beaten out not for the first time in solid authorities thanks to is wine - to vodka products. From the third quarter 2006 on the first quarter 2007 as the active participant of wine war between Russia both rebellious Georgia and Moldova it occupied the top lines of the list. And here to Sergey Stepashin bronze has got not on the most pleasant for it to an occasion - quoted it basically from - for loud corruption scandal in Audit Chamber headed by it.

it is necessary to note and debut 7 - e a place of the president of Ingushetia Murata Zjazikova (in a rating upominaemosti with 112 - j lines has risen on 46 - ju, in Zagolovshchikah has occupied 20 - e a place). Conditions in republic remind chaos in the Chechen Republic before the beginning of the first war more and more. If explosions, executions and kidnappings will not manage to be stopped, Zjazikovu should and justify further for an event in republic. So, its positions will become stronger and in ratings the Authorities .

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Vladimir Churov became an embodiment of the Russian electoral evolution