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Result: Russia says goodbye to successors

the Main event of the third quarter it is necessary to name prompt break in elite of elite of new prime minister Victor Zubkov. To the top of a rating on which the semiofficial successors, the first vitse - prime ministers Sergey Ivanov and Dmitry Medvedev, have spent many months, Zubkov has done a way for 18 days. It has confidently outstripped Medvedev and nedobral only 14 points to displace Ivanov with nasizhennogo the second place. Zubkov moved upwards with speed of 49 points in day, and Ivanov from loss of the second line was separated at all by days, and hours. If the prime minister - the minister does not reduce rate next quarter it will outstrip also Vladimir Putin`s daily typing on 38 points cartridge: on the eve of New year Zubkov will have 4459 points, at Putin - only 3458.
However, such hardly happens, during any moment the prime minister should be braked. Just as it is necessary to make it and to Medvedev with Ivanov. Operation the Successor Has, seemingly, ended: Putin`s choice has fallen on itself. To continue All-Russia a reality - show about feats of two most worthy candidates in presidents of sense more has no. As with the first vitse - prime ministers it is possible to say goodbye to successors, and with the others potential Putin`s proteges - too. But now they can distract from continuous creation of loud information occasions and concentrate on affairs. On the top lines of a rating we can not see Ivanov and Medvedev`s constant domination any more. As will scatter eks - successors under the table for next three months, we learn in January, 2008.

the leader of growth in the general rating

Zubkov Victor - 125 places

the Leader of falling in the general rating

Yastrzhembsky Sergey - 86 places

Tab. 6

Victor Zubkov has shown good speed and confident overtaking