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third quarter Results specify this time not in those or other newsmakers especially approached to Vladimir Putin, and on the president as the main ruler of destinies of the mighty of this world in Russia more likely. Only it could ennoble instantly little-known head Rosfinmonitoringa Victor Zubkov to a post of premieres - the minister and to 4 - go places in a rating. And only Putin could become the reason of throwings of Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukova under the list court. In the first quarter earlier not public head of tax service after appointment to the post of the Minister of Defence has flied up on 4 - ju a line. In the second quarter he has left a rating, and after not taken place resignation in the third quarter (see a heading Zagolovshchiki ) Has occupied greatest possible 2 - e a place. Putin`s role is confirmed also with those officials, whose open-cast mines have suddenly broken on September, 12th: Herman Gref, Michael Fradkov, Vladimir Jakovlev and Michael Zurabov have increased the court weight.
as quickly they the list of the persons mentioned together with Putin is left, to predict difficult. The example to that is Michael Kasyanov. Excluded from a near circle of the president in February, 2004, the leader Russian it is national - the democratic union the second quarter takes of the third position successively. Nowadays Kasyanov is in irreconcilable opposition in relation to Putin, but in the opinion of mass-media remains the prime minister of its first government. So, if somebody from present otstavnikov, we will tell Herman Gref, will decide to participate in any sedition, the shade of the president will pursue also it.

Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Ivanov, on the contrary, have handed over on three lines and have even more kept away from the president that can say both about their growing independence, and that journalists perceive them as successors ever less.

it is even more - 10 positions - Boris Berezovsky has lost. It confirms once again our assumption that the disgraced oligarch continues to remain the main enemy of Russia. Russia, instead of personally president Putin.

and a debut on 50 - the m Alisher Usmanov`s place marks replenishment of the short list ravnoudalennyh oligarchs. Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Yakunin, Vladimir Potanin, Anatoly Chubays and Alexey Miller (head Gazprom has temporarily left a rating from - for illnesses, but in the fourth quarter we expect its returning) already enough long time make maloaktivnye movement by the bottom part of the list of the court. Casually or not Usmanov has got to this company, will show the following rating.

Anatoly Serdjukov has put tab. 5 on resignation and has not lost