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, you very good magazine For a long time wanted to write you. I very much like humour with which you write about different events. With pleasure I read Olga Allenovoj`s short articles about caucasus, it seems to me, it and the journalist good, but also the good person, it is visible.
Its last article about Dmitry Kozaka very much was pleasant to me, I even zauvazhal Kozaka, and thought earlier that it same murlo, as well as all our officials. And the thought that Russia specially does caucasus unsuccessful and conflicting because so it is easy for operating has seemed to me interesting. Only here, on - to mine, Olga Allenova has not absolutely developed this thought. I long thought of it. It seems to me, it was necessary to write more in detail how in general Russia has won caucasus and as it kept it at the time of Stalin. At the time of Stalin have specially divided the Ossetin, and balkarskie the people and have united Circassians the Ossetin with Georgians, and Circassians with karachaevtsami, Kabardians with balkartsami, abhazov with Georgians. So they began to sort out with each other relations, and Russia strongly plays it. Probably, Olga Allenova meant it, when has written about what weak caucasus is necessary to Russia?

at me in Cherkessk there lives the grandfather, my mother therefrom comes, and now I live in Moscow, I receive the second the higher, I study on the historical. Last time I was in Cherkessk two years ago and any more I do not want to go there. Earlier I liked to come to the grandfather, it was good, cheerful, and now such sensation that is any zone of the Stalker, a hopelessness full, the people sit without the work, all malicious, and who could, that therefrom has left for a long time. If Russia does not change the policy under the relation to all caucasus it will lose it and if will not lose more many blood will spill.

your sincere admirer, yours faithfully, Peter Piskunov

Dear edition of magazine the Power !

In N38 from 01. 10. 2007 in a heading Russia in figures it is informed about 143 - m a place of Russia in a rating the Index of perception of corruption for 2007. It is valid so. However on p. 42 in section Plus - a minus the information that Uzbekistan occupies 143 - e a place in the given rating is resulted. How such it could turn out? Probably, the data has been received for 2006.

yours faithfully, Michael

From edition. Dear Michael! Actually Uzbekistan occupies 175 - e a place in the Index of perception of corruption . Our author wrote about Uzbekistan, and thought of Russia, therefore and has made an error. We thank you for meticulousness. We apologise readers.

specification. By preparation for printing N37 from September, 24th there was the technological failure which has led to actual discrepancies. In a heading the Question of week among interrogated the president of group of companies IBS Anatoly Karachinsky to whom actually edition did not address is named. For the same reason Herman Gref and Michael Deljagina`s answers have dropped out of the published text. Edition apologises the specified misters and all readers, and also results the neopublished answers to a question Than Zubkov is better than Fradkov? .

Herman Gref, and. An island of head MERTa . Not to me to judge. Zubkov the competent expert, long time worked in tax service so he knows many problems of business from within.

Michael Deljagin, chairman of presidium of Institute of problems of globalisation . And on - to mine, it is wittier. However, the former government too joked - to remember the law on a monetization enough. But Zubkov has begun with it already at the statement on a post. However, this joke has been in advance prepared. After all on a presidency theme in our country of premieres cannot joke. And in the rest Zubkov differs nothing from the predecessor. Fradkov was the technical prime minister, now Zubkov. And I do not exclude that at us can appear and the technical president at Putin - to the prime minister or the head of the Constitutional court.