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The Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation the head of the Central Electoral Committee Vladimir Churov has assured lists 13 of 14 political parties

on October, 5th has informed that the commission has assured lists 13 of 14 parties standing for the State Duma of the fifth convocation. Not certified there was a list an United Russia as it has submitted documents only on October, 5th. LDPR has already passed to a final stage of registration of the list and has submitted it on definitive registration.
while all went without any serious complications - has characterised process of assurance of lists Vladimir Churov. Last list - parties an United Russia - the Central Electoral Committee will consider on October, 8th.

assurance is a first stage of work with lists. After it documents of parties will be sent for check in corresponding bodies. For registration on elections the party should bring in the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation pledge at a rate of 60 million rbl. or collect not less than 200 thousand signatures of voters in support of the federal list. Three parliamentary parties are relieved of these procedures - LDPR, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and an United Russia . As the head of the Central Electoral Committee has told, LDPR - unique of parties which has already submitted documents on definitive registration.

the Russian incorporated democratic party the Apple has transferred the federal list in the Central Electoral Commission on October, 2nd. In the list of party 342 persons. On October, 2nd the Central Electoral Committee has received also the federal list from 263 persons social justice Parties . In the certified federal list of party the National union 470 candidates. In the list Fair Russia 556 persons appear.

according to Vladimir Churova, the most frequency errors in given by parties of documents are discrepancies, which any person when - nibud supposed, filling this or that questionnaire For example, discrepancies in a writing of a name or a surname of the candidate, in data on a residence permit or date of delivery of the passport, in the name of a place of work. Besides a necessary set some candidates have presented the documents which have been not provided by the legislation. For example, test books of students - honours pupils - the head of the Central Electoral Committee has told.

the final decision about registration of the list of party should be accepted not later than October, 28th. Elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation will pass on December, 2nd.