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Agents of national security have reminded “ to the Alpha “ about itself

Yesterday UFSB on the Perm edge has searched office of group of the security enterprises (GOP) “ the Alpha “ in which also there is an edition of a weekly journal oppositional to the provincial authorities “ the Perm observer “. In UFSB comments have refused. The founder “ Alphas “ and Igor Grinberg does not exclude the newspaper that actions of power structures can be connected with preparation for December elections and have for an object to put pressure oppositional mass-media not belonging to it. According to the founder of group of the enterprises “ Alphas “ Igor Grinberg, yesterday about 10 o`clock in the morning field investigators UFSB with special troops support have entered on territory of office and have shown the decision about search carrying out in premises GOP and to the under control businessman of Open Company “ Media group „Perm observer“ “. Members of spetsnaz did not pass on workplaces of security guards and employees of edition “ The Perm observer “. That who at the moment of the search beginning was in a building, have forbidden to leave enterprise territory. During a search from office “ Alphas “ hard disks of computers and other electronic data carriers have been withdrawn. Edition “ the Perm observer “ security officers did not begin to search.

mister Grinberg has explained that the search was made within the limits of investigation of criminal case upon state secret disclosure. Business has been raised UFSB on May, 2nd, 2007 under the statement of mister Grinberg. “ on March, 1st on site mail “not confidentially“ (“Alpha“ belongs GOP. - „“) the letter in which documents with a signature stamp “Confidentially“ on criminal case concerning the employee of “the Perm observer“ Vladimir Koroleva contained has arrived, - Igor Grinberg has informed. - I have addressed at once with the statement in FSB “. Mister Grinberg also has specified that the edge Office of Public Prosecutor has spent own check of its statement, but the reasons for excitation of business has not found. The founder “ Alphas “ asserts that he repeatedly tried to learn, in what condition there is this business: “ I asked on interrogations literally, but me have interrogated only once, and that is purely formal “.

“ Probably, in FSB consider that ourselves have sent ourselves this letter “ - the businessman has assumed the reason of a yesterday`s search. As he said, security officers have explained carrying out of a search necessity “ to exclude “Alpha“ from the list of suspects, to be convinced that the letter has been sent not from our computers “. The founder of group of the security enterprises does not exclude that actions of power structures are connected with future elections and directed on media resource blasting “ Alphas “.

it is necessary to notice that since spring of last year it already the fourth search in premises GOP “ the Alpha “ and media groups. In May, 2006 employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Perm have withdrawn the server with a computer database from Igor Grinberg`s office. As an occasion the statement of journalist Irina Kolushchinsky which has demanded has served to punish the persons ostensibly offending it at a forum “ not confidentially “. Criminal case about an insult of the madam Kolushchinsky has been stopped subsequently by militia. However another matter raised by results of a search, has reached court. On the withdrawn server have been found by the file on the Perm officials, businessmen and journalists. Employees UFSB were connected to investigation. On September, 12th, 2006 has been detained, and then the supernumerary press photographer " is arrested; the Perm observer “ Vladimir Korolev to whom have brought accusations on p.1 item 137 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Infringement of inviolability of private life “) And p.1 item 283 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Disclosure of the state secret “) .

Under the version of regional Office of Public Prosecutor making investigation, the former militiaman from operatively - search management (OPU) the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs major Vladimir Korolev, and also four its colleagues used become by it known on service the classified information in interests of private structures of mister Grinberg. On March, 9th, 2007 in regional court the closed process on their business has begun. But judge Sergey Suvorov has returned business in Office of Public Prosecutor as has seen infringement of the rights to protection of the defendants which interests on preliminary investigation were protected by one lawyer. After elimination of remedial infringements process has renewed. And stayed in a pre-trial detention centre ten months of the mister the Queen have released on July, 11th from - under guards. Concerning other defendants there was a former preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde.

During judicial hearings criminal prosecution concerning all four defendants on charge about infringement of inviolability of private life as has expired a two-year limitation period under this article has been stopped. Now in Vladimir Koroleva`s legal investigation the break is declared.

in UFSB on the Perm edge yesterday have confirmed search carrying out at office of the security enterprise, but any comments have refused.
Maxim Strugov,
Michael Lobanov