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From “ Coast “ the general director

the Mayor of Voronezh, the vice-president regotdelenija " has sailed away; Fair Russia “ Boris Skrynnikov has dismissed from a post of the general director of a municipal weekly journal “ Coast “ the leader local spravorossov Oleg Finko. According to observers, neither for otstavnika, nor for the employer stay of mister Finko at a newspaper wheel any more has no sense. Following the results of December elections in the State Duma and to Oleg Finko, the fourth number partspiska, and to Boris Skrynnikovu who has not got absolutely not it, it will not be possible to receive deputy mandates for the sake of what they actually and concluded an alliance. As the leader regotdelenija " yesterday has informed; Fair Russia “ Oleg Finko, it has received from a city administration the notice on the dismissal from a post of general director MUP “ Edition of the newspaper “Coast“ “ with the formulation “ in connection with the expiry of the term of the labour contract “. It consisted all for three months. Comments concerning the resignation spravoross has refused. Any of the interrogated officials of the mayoralty has not considered it necessary to add something to the official formulation of the reasons of dismissal of the general director “ Coast “.

On a post of the head of the edition and the leader Voronezh spravorossov the Moscow writer and the former deputy of the State Duma from LDPR Oleg Finko has come practically at the same time - in the middle of the past summer. It has occupied a party post under the patronage of the secretary of the Political bureau Nikolay Levicheva, newspaper - under Boris Skrynnikova`s invitation. Both appointments were preceded by conflicts the direct relation to which had the town governor. Vacancy of the leader in Voronezh “ Fair Russia “ it was released because federal partrukovodstvo has displaced from a post of the chairman regotdelenija the deputy of regional Duma Alexey Garshina. Boris Skrynnikov, itself applying for leadership tried to squeeze out it from party zam. And a place of the general director “ Coast “ it was released, as a holding post Zoe Grjazeva who is the owner of the franchise “„ The Moscow member of the Komsomol “in Voronezh “ and of some other media actives, has not worked well together with city officials and first of all with Boris Skrynnikovym.

Oleg Finko has agreed to head a weekly journal, that in its press “ any more did not represent as the Moscow writer “. With “ the Voronezh residence permit “ claims of mister Finko for the first line in regional partspiske “ Fair Russia “ looked more well-founded. And the ally with communications in federal partrukovodstve was necessary to mister Skrynnikovu, in turn, to take a place through passage in the list (powers of the town governor expire in the beginning of 2008). However both that, and another inner-party struggle have lost: the first on area the vice-president of party and the head of its fraction in the State Duma Alexander Babakov, and the second and the third - the Voronezh businessmen Alexander Sysoyev and Nikolay Ulanov will stand. Mister Finko managed the fourth place, and mister Skrynnikov in general was not included into the list.

as has told a source in “ Coast “ despite employment in party, Oleg Finko tried to solve newspaper problems, main of which - the lack of the finance caused in small volume of grants from gorbjudzheta and existence of outstanding debts of the mayoralty before the edition. “ the epopee with constant change of heads of “Coast“, most likely, will proceed. The authorities want, that the newspaper on itself earned and simultaneously was their ideological megaphone, but one contradicts another. Therefore all matter is not in the person of the general director, and in initially vicious installation goradministratsii “ - the source is assured.

the chairman of the regional union of journalists and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “ the Commune “ Vitaly Zhiharev has noticed that has not had time to estimate work spravorossa in the edition, but Oleg Finko`s appointment from the point of view of management “ It was not clear “ also contained political underlying reason. According to the journalist, such approach is characteristic for mutual relations Voronezh goradministratsii and the municipal newspaper. “ I consider that mass-media should be separated from the power, as church - from the state “ - mister Zhiharev summarised.

As the vice-president of regional association of journalists and PR - experts, the head of bureau " believes; Interfax “ in Voronezh Dmitry Orishchenko, Oleg Finko has agreed on a post of the director of the municipal newspaper because at the first stage of occurrence in region it took in allies of the mayor. “ now, when the friendship with Skrynnikovym is not become necessary to it, he has easily left a post in “Coast“ “ - mister Orishchenko has expressed opinion, having added that, under its information, representatives federal partrukovodstva “ Fair Russia “ Including the secretary of the Political bureau Nikolay Levichev, were dissatisfied that Oleg Finko works in submission at party zama.

According to political scientist Pavel Kabanova, mister Finko was initially invited to a post of the general director “ Coast “ for political reasons, that “ to register “ in Voronezh and to apply for the first places in the regional list “ Fair Russia “ not as the Varangian, and as the local media manager. Observers notice that Oleg Finko`s dismissal can mean that Boris Skrynnikov, whose interests partrukovodstvo has restrained nevkljucheniem in the regional list on elections in the State Duma, does not intend to give “ Coast “ to members of the same party as a media resource on elections.

Andrey Chervakov, Konstantin Chaplin