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  VPK Concern “ Constellation “ struggles with vybrosamivoronezhskoe Open Society “ Concern “Constellation“ “ (Voronezh) yesterday declared that conducts search of investors for start of manufacture of new system of clearing of emissions from pipes of the industrial enterprises, developed in concern. As has explained Anastas Artemyev, the official representative “ Constellations “ the new technology is based on video - pulse electromagnetic radiation that allows to refuse filters. “ frequently fulfilled filters pose ecology threat, and on new technology products of combustion do not represent danger “ - has noted g - zha Artemyev, having added that “ Constellation “ already makes out the patent for working out. Anastas Artemyev has specified that at the first stage of the investment into project realisation will make 4 million roubles. On manufacture input 1,5 years are necessary, and the project will pay off for 2,5 years. “ As potential consumers the industrial organisations " can act; - has noted g - zha Artemyev. The total profit on project realisation for five years will make more than 60 million roubles.
concern “ Constellation “ it is based in October, 2005 within the limits of the federal program “ Formation and development oboronno - an industrial complex of the country on 2002 - 2006 “ on the basis of the Voronezh scientific research institute of communication and of some the large defensive enterprises of the Central district specialising on working out and manufacture of communication facilities, the radio-electronic equipment. “ Interfax - the centre “

  the TEXTILE INDUSTRY “ promtekstil “ will adjust release spanbondagendirektor Joint-Stock Company “ promtekstil “ (Voronezh) Roman Novichihin has informed yesterday that the enterprise intends to introduce new manufacture in cost 8 - 10 million euro of a nonwoven material. It is a question of release spanbonda - bases for waterproofing materials. G - n Novichihin has told that new production represents “ strategic interest “ for manufacturers of roofing materials and petrochemical production. “ as a result on “Promtekstile“ manufacture of rolled roofing materials, prokladochnogo and an insulating material for manufacture of clothes, footwear, a basis for linoleum and an imitation leather, a filtering material " will be adjusted; - has informed Roman Novichihin. The project Time of recovery of outlay is estimated in three years. The enterprise plans to realise new production in home market and in the CIS countries. By words g - on Novichihina, now Joint-Stock Company looks for partners for project realisation. “ promtekstil “ - the large Russian manufacturer of technical textiles. In its structure - weaver`s, spinning manufactures, shop of nonwoven materials, a site of furnish of fabrics, shvejno - knitted shop. In assortment of the enterprise over 40 kinds cotton, synthetic and mixed fabrics. “ Interfax - the centre “