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“ JUtejr “ heads for Moscow

Open Society “ Airline “ήςύιπ“ “ (Hunts - Mansijsk) has opened from the Moscow airport “ Vnukovo “ daily flights to Belgorod. Flights it is planned to carry out by planes ATR - 42 though An - 24 are now used. Similar flights already carry out the Voronezh airline “ Flight “ and “ Gazpromavia “ on the same direction wants to leave “ Atlant - the union “. According to analysts, demand for the message with Moscow in region is great also special toughening of a competition between carriers it is not expected. Yesterday the official representative “ JUtejra “ Yury Mushihin has told that opening of a new direction Moscow - Belgorod - Moscow was promoted by old presence of the company at region (serves a route Surgut - Samara - Belgorod). “ In Belgorod it is a lot of immigrants from Surgut. Activity in region has allowed us to study as much as possible perspective directions: one of them - Moscow “ - it has explained. According to Nikolay Pyshneva, zamgendirektora Open Society “ Belgorodavia “ (airport), “ JUtejr “ carries out flights daily, taking off from “ Vnukovo “ in 11. 10 with arrival in Belgorod in 12. 45, return flight - in 13. 40. The average base tariff in the house-keeper - a class without dopsborov makes 2 thousand roubles that almost on 800 roubles is cheaper, than at the Voronezh airline “ Flight “. He has specified that “ JUtejr “ carries out flights to Belgorod on An - 24 instead of ATR - 42 (the French regional plane on 48 places). Yury Mushihin has found it difficult to comment on plane replacement.

“ JUtejr “ enters into the five of leading air carriers on number of the transported passengers (2,42 million persons in 2006). In park - two planes Gulfstream, 22 They are 154, 34 They are 134, 10 Yak - 40, 16 An - 24 and seven ATR - 42. Net profit in 2006 on RSBU - 263,8 million roubles. As Nikolay Pyshnev has noticed, on the Moscow direction at the airport of Belgorod now work “ Flight “ which left in region in the past spring, and “ Gazpromavia “ flying once a week. “„ Flight “carries out on two flights in day on Saab - 2000 daily, except Saturday. And here„ Aeroflot - a north “, working in the same direction four times a week, has left Belgorod in the beginning of September without assigning any reasons “ - he has told, having added that demand for the Moscow flights is quite comprehensible, on Tuesdays and Fridays it exceeds the offer, and consumers obviously do not have morning and evening flights.

Zamgendirektora “ Flight “ Andrey Lebedinets recognised that quotations of the Siberian carrier hardly more low. But, as he said, An - 24 on comfortableness and safety loses Saab - 2000. “ I do not think that with transition on ATR - 42“Jutejr“will be possible to keep tariffs: the foreign plane is more expensive in service “ - it has explained, having noticed that arrival “ JUtejra “ and then “ Atlant - the union “ will promote attraction bolshego quantities of passengers. Alexey Savchenkov, zamgendirektora “ Atlant - the union “ named the low prices from outside “ JUtejra “ usual tactics of the company. “ subsequently, I think, they will grow up “ - he has assumed, having added that arrival to region of the new player will not change plans “ Atlant - the union “ on development of the Belgorod direction: the airline of the government of Moscow intends to carry passengers from Belgorod on Brazilian Embraer. However, mister Savchenkov has noticed that with change on a foreign car on the directions close to capital, it is not necessary to wait for the convenient schedule of flights, that is morning and evening flights as the foreign cars got in leasing, pay back themselves at a considerable quantity of touches. “ in such situation night idle time after evening flight is unacceptable “ - Alexey Savchenkov has assured. Both carriers declare that are not going to enter into the agreement a code - sheringa.

However Oleg Panteleev, the head of analytical service of agency “ Aviaport “ it do not agree that with change on ATR - 42 “ JUtejr “ it will be compelled to raise the prices. “ the liner is more expensive in operation, than An - 24, but a difference, I think, the company will cover at the expense of higher margin on the Siberian directions “ - it has explained, having doubted and that “ JUtejr “ could force out “ Aeroflot - a north “. “ At a present level of demand of a place would suffice all. I assume that „Aeroflot - the north“ has left from - for reductions of the park in view of partial transfer of cars of the parent company - to “Aeroflot“ “ - the expert is assured. As Oleg Panteleev considers, at daily frequency of flights air carriers in the local market will compete more likely not among themselves, and to ground transport.

Olga Aleksandrova