Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Nikolay Ivanov, the first secretary Kursk obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of regional Duma:
- We will receive the documents giving the right to candidates from Communist Party on elections in Kursk gorsobranie to be registered by district electoral committees. Then we stir up pre-election activity, having increased circulation of the regional party newspaper people Voice and having strengthened propaganda as a whole.

Michael Melnik, the director under construction Voronezh masloekstraktsionnogo company Bunge factory:
- I Am going to congratulate with 50 - letiem our partner - the Voronezh institute giproprom which is the general designer of enterprise Bunge in village Well Kashirsky area. We are quite happy with cooperation with the Voronezh experts which proceeds till now.

Vladimir Lavrentev, the head of territorial administration RosOeZ across the Lipetsk region:
- Start of the second factory of Italian resident OEZ Lipetsk - companies SestLuve on manufacture of heat exchangers for refrigerators and trading blocks. Investments into the project have made to 15 million euro. The Russian companies will be consumers of production of factory on 90 %. Besides, we are going to learn more detailed information on plans of several new potential residents of ours OEZ from Italy.

Sergey Koliuh, the speaker Voronezh gordumy:
- Goradministratsija should report about preparation of Voronezh for winter. I hope, officials will tell to deputies that contracts with all suppliers of heat are already concluded, heating systems are checked up, filled by water and at any moment in case of a cold snap in houses voronezhtsev will start to arrive warmly.

Andrey Zotkin, the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma, a member of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
- I have submitted to Federal registration service documents on movement registration For the Native land . I hope that I will receive an affirmative reply from registrars and on the threshold of elections in the State Duma they will not find, at what to carp.

Yury Anokhin, the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma, the vice-president regotdelenija not registered party Great Russia the Hero of Russia:
- Resolute and constructive measures from governor Vladimir Kulakova on a stop of a rise in prices for key consumer goods - dairy products, sunflower-seed oil, sugar and so on. Lately the prices for some of them have flied up twice and continue to raise.

Peter Mihin, the director of Open Company UK ZHilproekt the deputy Voronezh gordumy:
- I Wait for the big and pure love. But not in a family, and from the officials supervising a building complex. I would like, that all has done without a deceit.