Rus News Journal

On October, 2nd, 2007 Tuesday

For health the most part of day is harmonious. And only danger of traumas and the sharp inflammatory phenomena in the evening increases. Respiratory organs are during the day sensitive, and by the night we will wound a stomach.
first half of day (to 13. 30 Moscow time) very harmonious. The moon will be on friendly terms with Venus. This fine combination for any employment which concern area of an aesthetics, arts, love. It is possible to create most or to enjoy creations of others. The good period for dialogue on business, the general interests or in romantic sphere.

monetary affairs in first half of day will move ahead very successfully. Work will make profit. It is possible to deal with the financial organisations, to get the goods or securities. Especially all that is beautiful and harmonious.

trips are better for making or at least to begin till a dinner.

in second half of day the situation is less harmonious: From 15 o`clock till 21 o`clock the Moon in general without a course. All begun affairs can be continued, but here the responsible new meeting or signing of constituent documents is better be not to spending.

in the late evening the Moon will incorporate to Mars. In these hours, especially about midnight, in streets becomes more failures, activity of criminals will raise. And it is not necessary to sort out relations at home. Strengthen also fire safety.

and only in love with the reliable partner energy of Mars can be used positively. Day approaches and for playing sports, but avoid its most risky kinds in the evening.

by the morning the situation gradually enters into a quiet channel. Have a rest or work according to your desire. But in household sphere, in family relations environment is not too harmonious.

Arieses will increase the activity. Morning is successful for love, an aesthetics and sports, evening - for sports and house handwork.

Tauruses will manage much both in dialogue, and in an aesthetics, and in monetary affairs. Avoid doubtful places and people in the evening.

twins can create, work or have a good time irrespective of others. Prefer hobbies.

cancers in first half of day can be a success in the employment concerning beauty or connected with water. Is more careful with fire and cars in the evening.

lions in the beginning of day will successfully co-operate with the collective, friends and colleagues. It is possible to struggle together for something or against someone in the evening.

maidens in first half of day will reach good professional results, it is possible to sign documents, to communicate with the heads.

scales can go to travel. Day is favorable for mental work, everything that concerns an aesthetics. In the evening do not argue with representatives of the power.

scorpions will be successful in financial sphere in first half of day. It is possible to go in for sports or tourism in the evening.

Sagittariuses in the beginning of day will receive success in love and business partnership. Evening approaches for affinity with the reliable partner.

Capricorns will be a success in work, especially if it is connected with an aesthetics. Late at night the conflict is possible.

Aquarius since morning can be engaged in art and sports, entertainments. Success in love and dialogue with children. Protect health in the evening, be not overloaded.

fishes in first half of day will have harmonious dialogue of the house and on work. Physical activity in love in the evening is useful.

on October, 3rd environment
For health day of the average level. Psychosomatic frustration are during the day possible. From body bodies the breast, a stomach and all female bodies are most vulnerable. There can be troubles from - for a carelessness.

harmonious interaction of Venus with Plutonom creates a good background for monetary affairs. But lunar favorable aspects - only early in the morning, and on the European part of Russia the working day yet will not begin. Then the Moon and the Sun in the conflict among themselves is a phase of last quarter of the Moon. The harmonious aspect of the Moon with Uranium along toward evening comes into force.

for the important issues, new undertakings, signing of documents optimum time with 14. 30 till 17 o`clock Moscow time. Later, to 0. 40, the good situation also will remain.

and here usual daily affairs can be carried out within full days.

the intense aspect between the Moon in the Cancer and the Sun in Scales can lead to house, family and simply household conflicts. And the collected weariness can be the true reason. Therefore it is better not to sort out the relation, and easy to be engaged in the affairs. Do not show to associates of increased requirements. Especially protect children and older persons, women and those who has transferred diseases.

in love day can be good and interesting on energy of Venus and Plutona, especially in the evening. Certainly, if you manage to avoid specified above possible psychological difficulties. But after all they will be not at all.

under the Moon in the Cancer sign it is good to be engaged rural and housekeeping to prepare wood and kitchen garden gifts.

after midnight and within all tomorrow up to two o`clock in the morning on Friday the Moon without a course.

Arieses have good possibilities in an aesthetics, art and love. But provided that you will not be involved in household conflicts.

Tauruses can create beauty at home or at office. Good day for cookery. Separate conflicts to colleagues and subordinates are possible.

twins can get pleasant and useful acquaintances in the material relation. And here with children there can be some problems.

cancers can appear in a conflict situation with someone stronger and imperious. And here it is good to be engaged in mental work in the evening.

lions can show the initiative in the field of an aesthetics and in love. And here in business relations the unpleasant moments are possible.

maidens should be attentive in monetary affairs. But the secret love or the unexpected pleasant moments connected with beauty and art is possible.

scales can appear in the conflict to the heads. But relations with friends will go well, and the friendship can outgrow in love.

scorpions will be a success in work, if it creative. In study, the international affairs and dialogue with instructors day difficult.

Sagittariuses should avoid participation in doubtful projects of other people. But to go to a trip with darling costs.

Capricorns can have problems in business relations with equal and with the heads. And here in love with the reliable partner all is good.

Aquarius should protect health. Be attentive in study. But day is favorable for romantic acquaintances.

fishes should not risk neither health, nor money. Be engaged in daily work and beauty creation.