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Yesterday Kazan gorduma has supported Ministry RT initiative on change of borders of a city at the expense of joining of the earths of rural settlements of three areas of republic. According to Ministry, it is required for an economic development of the city. If on December, 2nd during voting by this point in question inhabitants agree with offered changes, the square of the city will increase by 18 thousand in hectare, and the population millionnika - on 4020 persons. The sum which is required for development of new territories, is not defined yet. Experts consider that expansion of borders is unprofitable neither the mayoralties, nor to inhabitants of Kazan, builders. To deputies Kazan gordumy the Minister of Justice of RT Midhat Kurmanov has told about the initiative of the government of republic. As he said, the Ministry suggests to attach to Kazan Konstantinovsky rural settlement of Vysokogorsky area, and also empty farmlands and the earths γξρπεηεπβΰ10 - ti rural settlements of Vysokogorsky, Laishevsky and Pestrechinsky areas. As a result the area of Kazan can increase more than by 18 thousand in hectare or on 42 %, and the city population - on 4020 persons - lives today in Konstantinovsky rural settlement so much. “ expansion of borders of Kazan is directed on perfection of an infrastructure of a city and creation of conditions for the further economic development of capital of republic “ - has told, explaining the Ministry initiative, mister Kurmanov.

Expansion of territory of Kazan is provided in the project of the general plan of a city which takes place now the coordination in the federal ministries. Predicted dynamics of growth of the population of Kazan according to the document looks as follows: 2010 - 1,2 - 1,25 million persons, 2015 - 1,3 - 1,35 million, 2020 - 1,45 - 1,55 million, 2050 - 1,5 - 1,7 million By data on the beginning of 2006, lives 1,11 million persons in Kazan. According to the general plan project, at prospect of increase in the population of a city to 1,5 million persons of Kazan it is required to 76 thousand in hectare of the earth. Today the square of the city makes 42,5 thousand in hectare.

the Minister of Justice has reminded deputies that the federal law on the general principles of the organisation of local government orders to ask opinion of the population and representative bodies of municipal unions concerning change of borders of territories. As he said, representative bodies of three areas have approved the government initiative. Voting of the population by this point in question will take place in the election day of deputies of the State Duma - on December, 2nd, deputies have solved yesterday, in turn also having supported the Ministry offer. As has informed “ “ mister Kurmanov, in case of the consent of the population the government plans to introduce the corresponding bill in State Council RT in December and, most likely, since 2008 of the earth will depart Kazan. “ Without expansion of borders of the future at such city as Kazan is not present “ - the mayor of Kazan, the chairman gordumy Ilsur Metshin after voting summarising has told.

meanwhile earlier mister Metshin declared to journalists that “ if the city extends further - that means building of new roads and communications, the organisation of transportation of townspeople and export of a household waste - that Kazan will be the eternal economic bankrupt “. “ It is asked, well where to us still to grow, at us and without it so much not used areas “ - the mayor confirmed. The main architect of Barcelona Jose Asebillo developing the project spoke about an economic inefficiency of expansion of borders of Kazan also Is old - the Tatar large village. In the middle of last year, having familiarised with the general plan project, it has presented the mayoralties a number of offers. In particular, the architect has noticed that the idea of increase in the area of Kazan is erroneous, as in Kazan and so population density (on the average - 4,7 thousand persons on one sq. km then as, for example, in Barcelona, - 18,5 thousand) is low And creation of a city network behind frameworks of the historical centre means absolute destruction of an old city. However on expansion of borders persistently drew the government which considers that new territories are necessary for increase in investment appeal of a city.

experts consider that expansion of borders is unprofitable both to inhabitants of Kazan, and builders, and first of all to the mayoralty. “ as to social aspect: if the city big, to use, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and if compact, with a dense population, - that is less, - has expressed yesterday the opinion “ “ the vice-president of the Union of architects RT Victor Tokarev. - actually the person loses or saves some years, I do not speak about physical and psychological weariness. From the point of view of economy too it is simple: more city - prepare and more money from the budget. In general, it is all in the world it is already passed. In the conditions of city market economy try to be compact “. As have informed yesterday “ “ in department on public relations and mass-media gordumy, the sum which is required for development of new territories, while only is counted up by the mayoralty.

builders concern idea of expansion with watchfulness. As has told yesterday “ “ the representative of one of the Kazan firms on the condition of anonymity, “ to thinking people it is clear, for what it becomes - to delay attention from the centre “. “ builders recently, after change of a city management, - a trouble with the earth in Kazan, have the most powerful fights with the power. After expansion of borders to them will offer okrainnye sites where to build it is unprofitable, it is necessary to pull communications, and the centre will be divided as it is necessary for the power, between “ necessary “ firms “ - the interlocutor " has told; “.

“ It is impossible to exclude that cost of reception of specifications to engineering communications in attached areas will rise in price for connection of new buildings and it will be made even with “ Kazan “ the prices, - the general director of Open Company " considers; Building industry “ Edward Zinnatullin. - It pays off from cost on connection of one 1 kw/ hour. While in areas which it is planned to attach, cost of 1 kw/ ch technical capacities essentially more low, than in Kazan where it makes 18 thousand roubles “.

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Louise Ignatyev