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Vladimir Putin has executed the secretary

In Dushanbe at the summit of the CIS by the new executive secretary of this organisation yesterday the director of Service of external investigation of Russia Sergey Lebedev has been appointed. It has replaced on Vladimir Rushajlo`s this post. Special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV has found out that the authorship of this idea entirely belongs to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin has arrived in Dushanbe from Novosibirsk after appointed time. And the president of Turkmenia Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov - earlier. And it has turned out that in president residence of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmona of the president of Russia were met not by the president of Tajikistan, and the president of Turkmenia who more half an hour toiled before in a hall of a presidential palace in conversation with the executive secretary of the CIS Vladimir Rushajlo.

Moreover, the president of Turkmenia left residence doors towards not only to Vladimir Putin, but also the owner of residence Emomali Rahmonu and welcomed it too. Mister Rahmon too was late to the beginning of ceremony over which should supervise because before has held still a short and uncompromising meeting with Vladimir Putin.

in general, all at once as - that has irreparably got confused in it, apparently, once and for all adjusted mechanism which is called as ceremony of a meeting of heads of the states-participants CIS. Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov, with a kind of the hospitable owner of another`s residence leaving doors, the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev who is unexpectedly turning off from a direct path which conducts to at last - that to the mister Rahmonu who has taken the place. Vladimir Putin, Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov and the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev which have stood in a hall of residence to steam of minutes instead of half an hour defined by the report, which was necessary for the president of Tajikistan to meet all colleagues and together with them to go on session... From it the report has failed all definitively, and presidents of Belarus arriving to a hall, Uzbekistan, absolutely any more did not understand Moldova, where it itself to put... And when all - taki understood, it was found out that armchairs on all do not suffice, and someone already dragged whence - that other armchairs...

the last into a hall has entered, has looked round on the parties and the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has squeezed to the rests. It has greeted the president of Russia - at first a head nod, and then when Vladimir Putin has given a hand to it, Michael Saakashvili has unambiguously shaken it.

session in narrow structure proceeded long, to leaders of the CIS countries, probably, was about what to talk. There were documents for signing among which there was a concept of work of the CIS and some points a bit earlier, which presidents have agreed to accept without discussion.

among them I with surprise have seen the Statement of the executive secretary of the CIS . History with Vladimir Rushajlo, whose powers have ended this year and not were are prolonged, known: on its place Russia has offered the former chairman of the Central Electoral Commission Alexander Veshnjakova against whom Alexander Lukashenko has risen. Motives of its protest are not clear till now. Hardly it had something against mister Veshnjakova. Something was faster at it for mister Rushajlo to whom the president of Belarus was, seemingly, unconditionally ready to entrust one more term on this post. The statement of a new nominee without discussion at session in the narrow and expanded structures meant that the decision was accepted still the day before.

And here now the expanded session has begun that the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev has said a surname.

- mister Lebedev, - has told it, - is offered as the executive secretary of the CIS by the Russian side and approved by all presidents of the CIS countries.

That is had time to consult and to the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko who at a yesterday`s meeting was represented by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk.

the Main problem consisted now that mister Nazarbayev named a surname, but did not name a name. The press - the summit centre has been absolutely discouraged and feverishly touched all more or less suitable Lebedevyh on this post.

It is guilty, I in the thoughts went by contradiction and have offered the most improbable: Well not director SVR!

Alas, it there was it. A name and a patronymic, having glanced in the papers, the secretary from the device of the executive secretary of minutes through ten at the desire of several journalists named then. At it where - that has been written down.

And these ten minutes it was not excluded anything, including that is Alexander Lebedev who, eventually, in the Russian State Duma works just as the vice-president of committee on communications with the CIS. Someone argued, of course, with it more than the courageous statement: hardly the banker will admit so close to presidents, but anybody actually any more did not exclude anything.

It has appeared: Sergey Lebedev. Director SVR. On the summit has not arrived, too much work. Now Vladimir Putin should release it from a post.

- and before did not release, because have not been assured, as this nominee will confirm? - I have asked one of members of the Russian delegation.

- is not present! - my interlocutor has indignantly told. - is simple we any more we will not hear reproaches that we look for to the former officials holding high posts in Russia, cushy jobs in such structures, as the CIS, ODKB, EvrAzES... What there still remains?

My interlocutor could be quiet: any more does not remain anything. And, is not present: still SHOS.

In some minutes after signing of documents of the summit mister Nazarbayev wanted was to finish already a meeting as suddenly the word was asked by mister Lukashenko.

- probably, have missed simply a little bit, - with in advance apologising smile and a voice which is not foretelling anything good, he has told. - we have made the decision on Vladimir Borisovicha Rushajlo`s rewarding by a medal of the CIS. We, I think, should make it here...

- all will be made, as you have charged, - mister Nazarbayev has tried to calm as much as possible at once him.

- everything, the question acts in film then, - udovletvorenno the president of Belarus has told and has made eyes towards mister Rushajlo.

in some minutes to Vladimir Rushajlo not only have put on a neck a chain with a memorable sign on the CIS, but even have presented a bunch of flowers. Mister Lukashenko even did not strive on it.

after session should take place a press - conference. I witnessed, as presidents gathered for it. Alexander Lukashenko priobnjal for Michael Saakashvili`s waist also has moved to one of doors.

- where, where? - Poorly smiling, the president of Georgia asked.

- you will see. We go, we go, - a metal voice mister Lukashenko has said.

It seems that it only in appearance seemed that Alexander Lukashenko only is tender priobnjal Michael Saakashvili. Actually the grasp, probably, was iron because the president of Georgia as poorly smiling, has ceased to resist.

here to the aid of the president of Georgia the president of Turkmenia who has tried to stop colleagues has come.

- we have agreed that we will not go on a press - conference! - he has murmured. - Only Rushajlo, Nazarbayev and Rakhmonov (mister Berdymuhammedov has not got used yet, probably, to a new surname of the president of Tajikistan. - And. K ).

- That`s it! - Michael Saakashvili has used hitch and has slipped out embraces of the president of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, however, has been not so upset by the failure. Actually it, apparently, was not going to drag colleagues on a press - conference, and itself there did not want to be dragged. It conducted them in a room where simply gave tea. Here those who has agreed not to go on a press - conference, should wait those who has gone to be answerable instead of them. After that all of them should reunite during a dinner.

I have been surprised by all it. It seemed to me that time all the same to wait for those who has left on a press - conference, whether it is better to descend also: all is more cheerful, than to pine in a small room. But remained, probably, was a burden to appear before journalists. It not that that absolutely was nothing to tell to us. No, they would not like to tell the superfluous. And superfluous there could be any word after any question which would set, for example, the Russian journalists to Michael Saakashvili or Georgian - to Vladimir Putin. Would tell, and then only would be sorry.

On a press - conferences of the Lord Nazarbayev and Rushajlo have received on one question, and the former executive secretary of the CIS managed to thank the president of Tajikistan that even in day of the 55 - letija he works for the blessing of the people and the CIS . To steam of words mister Rushajlo has told and about itself, telling that he considers as the greatest success for three years of the work on this post: These three years have not passed for me completely. I have expanded the outlook .

Mister Nazarbayev dreaming of the Euroasian union, has shared successful, in its opinion, in this sense experience of the South American countries and has added that the uniform Customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the near future will be created.

- remember EEP? - He has asked journalists. - uniform economic space? Now we precisely create it, only without Ukraine.

however, and about the Customs union we already hear from lips of the president of Kazakhstan approximately as much, how many about EEP and the Euroasian union.

a press - conference on the second floor came to an end, and on the fourth presidents fairly waited for two colleagues. I have risen on the fourth floor. Here there were some members of the Russian delegation. One of them on the terms of infinite anonymity has told that the decision on a nominee of mister Lebedev was accepted personally by Vladimir Putin. Shortly before session he, truth, has consulted about the idea which have lighted up it to several professionals - and it is necessary, it was pleasant to all!

from height of the fourth floor in a ladder aperture I have seen, how from the third downwards bear a beautiful box in two bottles of cognac and any bronze bird, most likely an eagle. Cognac have presented to the president of Tajikistan in its day 55 - letija, probably, either the president of Moldova, or Armenia (others konjachnyh the countries in the CIS like are not present), or, as a last resort, Georgia.

but what the president of Russia has presented? Members of the Russian delegation who could answer this question, paternal - that have become reserved. And then I have asked about it the passing by president of Tajikistan (it came back after a press - conferences).

- That to me Vladimir Vladimirovich has presented? - The question has taken Emomali Rahmona unawares, and he has shrugged shoulders.

I have not believed to the eyes. Really anything?

- was not in time still, - has apologised for Vladimir Putin Emomali Rahmon.