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Jeffrey Evgenides. An average floor/ M.Laninoj`s Translation from English. SPb.: an amphora, 2003

Glorified by reception of the Pulittserovsky award, the novel the Average floor American Jeffrey Evgenidesa has more likely disappointed. Probably, the matter is that not the best transfer baring gaucherie of hints from the Homere and Chekhov: probably, in English-speaking execution all it is more successfully camouflaged. prolistat these 750 pages nevertheless cost: learn, for what such loud awards give. And, can, will sympathise with a drama talented, but too prudent writer. This drama occupies much more, than misadventures germafrodita Kalliopy Stefanidis. The author takes zavlekatelnuju for fans of excursions in Kunstkameru a theme, and gradually supports in fans a curiosity spark. Travel of Kalliopy from a female to man`s are transformed in to Odysseus - but more likely it is formal: the novel is unreasonably stretched. Here there is no that sensual observation from which Nabokov told about Lolita transformations. Jeffrey Evgenidesa distracts necessity to double and treble the necessary theme identification search : besides solving, whether to be to it the girl or the boy, Kalliopy, the national identity new Americans here comprehend.