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State employees want itself to pay back

the Ministry of Economics and the industries of Tatarstan has prepared the project of the decision of Ministry RT About the statement of the list of the services rendered to citizens and legal bodies by official bodies and state unitary enterprises RT at the expense of means of citizens and the organisations . The project should lower a sharpness of a problem with a salary of workers of budgetary sphere. According to authors of the document, the government which insists on optimisation of budgetary expenses, including at the expense of growth of volumes of paid services first of all is interested in decision signing till the end of the year. We will remind that October increase of tariff rates to workers of budgetary sphere on 21 % has caused sharp reaction of republican trade unions. They have considered the increase actually covering only a rate of inflation, profanation: after all Ministry RT simultaneously with increase in rates cut down 300 - rouble compensatory payments on 120 roubles. But begun was struggle of professional leaders for real growth of the salary on the eve of acceptance of the project of budget RT for 2004 quickly has come to naught. The Ministry of Finance has declared that on any concessions will not go, because evolved fund of payment of state employees (nearby 15 mlrd rbl.) Already eats almost half of own incomes RT, and has advised to state employees to earn more on rendering of paid services. By calculations of the Ministry of Finance, next year from this activity of the enterprise of the ministries and departments could earn 1 mlrd rbl.
As has explained the first deputy of the Minister of Economics and Kudryavtsev`s industry RT Alevtina, the prepared project of the decision contains the list of services in all ministries and departments which have the right to render structures subordinated to them on a paid basis. Kudryavtsev`s madam could not tell definitely, whether this list in comparison with a set of paid services operating now will extend, but has informed that their volume in money terms will increase approximately by 20 %. As she said, right after list statements will be accepted the documents defining regulations of formation of the prices and tariffs for paid services of the budgetary organisations, and also structure of distribution of the received incomes. Authors of the project suggest to fix a variant operating now on which 50 % of means go on increase of the salary of state employees, 50 % - on a covering of municipal expenses and maintenance is material - technical base of establishments.
heads of the ministries have appeared are uniform that the document is extremely necessary: with its help they want to remove available contradictions in definition of the status of some services, and also it is essential to increase their volume. The first deputy of the minister of affairs of youth and to sports of Ildar Gilmutdinov has declared that its department will be still to supplement the offered list and to work over more correct formulations . As he said, department has set the task next year at least twice to increase volume of paid services (this year department establishments have earned 2 million rbl.) . The first deputy of the minister of ecology and natural resources of RT Farit Hajrutdinov has told that it is necessary to include carrying out of paid hydro-geological examination in the list at taps of sites, and also to load departmental laboratories .
According to the deputy minister of formation of Ljubovi Ovsienko, now formation establishments earn on paid services on the average 57 million rbl. a year, but in this sphere there are big potential reserves for their increase, and demand for such services grows. As she said, in 2004 will occur conditional doubling of paid services and it will be a good reserve for the decision of an acute problem with increase of a salary of teachers . Madam Ovsienko has added that, under the available data, teachers in a year it is necessary for preservation of compensatory payments for 312 million rbl., and one third we plan to earn at the expense of paid services .
Kudryavtsev`s Madam has informed that with document acceptance there will be a possibility regularly to plan not tax incomes in the budget from rendering of paid services. She has promised that the total sum of such incomes the next year becomes known till the end of the year.