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Alexander Tarhanov leaves Krylja Sovetov

Yesterday a management of the Samara football club Krylja Sovetov officially declared that not begins to prolong the contract with head coach Alexander Tarhanovym. After a final match in the championship with the Rotor and a cup meeting with Izhevsk Gazovikom - Gazprom the name of the new head coach will be declared. As the most probable candidates on this post are called the former trainer of Russian national team Anatoly Byshovets and the head coach Kiev the Arsenal Vyacheslav Groznyj. We will remind that Alexander Tarhanov has headed the Samara command Krylja Sovetov in the autumn of 1998. Then it has set as the purpose to form for three seasons a team, capable to win a medal of the championship of Russia. Herman Tkachenko - the former vice-president of the company " became summer of 1999 the president of the Samara club; the Siberian aluminium . Simultaneously with arrival of mister Tkachenko to a command the serious financial injections which have allowed for next three years to buy such known players, as Alexander Borodjuk (later working in club the second trainer - ), Andrey Tikhonov and Andrey Bushmanov have begun. In 2001 and 2002 the command took record-breaking high for itself the fifth place in standings.
the first disturbing call for the head coach of a command has sounded in the middle of last season after a series of failure matches. Then Alexander Tarhanov has for the first time asked about the resignation which has not been accepted. Upon termination of last season the head coach of the Samara club has again asked Herman Tkachenko to release it from a post, but the president of club managed to persuade mister Tarhanova to remain for one season. The primary goals for a season of 2003 before a command were: a prize of the Cup of Russia and medals of superiority of premieres - leagues.
Under this problem the club management had been got Brazilians of Souza and Lejlton, kostarikanets Berni Right and players of youth Russian national team Peter Nemov, Dmitry Kudryashov and Alexander Vanjushin.
But already at the very beginning of a season the command has conceded in 1/ 4 cup-finals of Russia Makhachkala Anzhi and the first problem remained outstanding. And from - for this defeats the command remained in this season without Euro cups (earlier the Federation of football of Russia has refused to declare Krylja Sovetov in a cup of Intertoto - ) Upon which the club management also rested certain hopes. More close to the middle of a season the club has given out the series of the large victories which have ended with painful defeats from the outsider a Torpedo - the Metallurgist CSKA and SHinnika . Then there were persevering hearings that the season - 2003 nevertheless becomes the last for Alexander Tarhanova in club. The club management repeatedly declared that the question on destiny of the head coach will be solved after the season termination. But when after house defeat from Moscow Spartaka on October, 5th it became clear that the command has not executed also the second problem for a season, Herman Tkachenko has made the statement from which it was unambiguous clearly that the command will have a new head coach.
and here yesterday the president of club Herman Tkachenko has made an official statement that on November, 5th after a match 1/ 16 cup-finals of Russia with Izhevsk Gazovikom - Gazprom Seeing-off of the head coach will take place. Thus, after five seasons in Samara Alexander Tarhanov comes back to Moscow. About the further plans it did not begin to extend, having declared only that is going to have a rest to begin with after a season, and then to be engaged in the employment . Concerning the new trainer the club management refuses while to speak. But it was possible to find out that the club had already been made the proposal to one trainer. As the most probable candidates on this post are called the former trainer of Russian national team Anatoly Byshovets and the head coach Kiev Aresenala Vyacheslav Groznyj.