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The hump can be transformed into wings

When conversation that any youthful performance with active action is necessary one year ago has come, I have remembered an ingenious film the City of Masters because there there are fights - so has designated an impulse to statement of this play the actor and the director of the Rostov Theatre on Freedom (TJUZa) Nikolay Hanzharov. Visited on the prime minister the correspondent SVETLANA LUKJANCHIKOVA considers that nevertheless it is better to fans of fights to descend on the Matrix .
the City of Masters is skaz about two humpbacks who want love. The love in understanding of the director - director Nikolay Hanzharova is fear of loss, uncertainty, desire of possession and clearing . Characters of performance argue On freedom all time. Free townsmen of Masters far are not free. Though declare it by radio that they Svo - bod - ny! All in their city becomes at will of the humpback - the governor: holidays are cancelled, weddings are appointed, people are condemned. And only (the actress - Svetlana Sadikova) and Karakolja (the actor - Yury Kupavyh) does Veronica`s love their free. Manumissions so that the hump turns to the combined wings, and the death recedes.

Nikolay Hanzharov and its actors are going to learn nobody, do not aspire to give answers to eternal questions. They simply communicate among themselves and involve in this dialogue of spectators. The troupe is assured that everyone - both the child and the adult - will accept that will want to see in this performance. The youth will pick up hohmy Karakolja, the spectator is more senior will experience thin nostalgia on rokerskim to revolts 80 - h, and romantic persons will estimate a love scene with protagonists on a balcony. But each of got on performance the City of Masters sooner or later will reflect: Whether and there is in me that hump which prevents to be to me free? after all, unfortunately, - Nikolay Hanzharov, - we internally very much gorbaty " speaks;.

It is necessary to tell that at will of the director to heroes of the known play one more is added important - Yury Shevchyuk`s songs. They at times place all points over i in scenic action. When in the performance ending Shevchyuk`s words sound: our generation Leaves, you comes. Yes! you understand that how many generations would not be replaced, the love and freedom will be always.