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TAL is the largest air carrier Western - Siberian region. The company is created on the basis of the Tyumen aviatransport agency which, in turn, in 1992 was allocated from the Second Tyumen incorporated aviagroup. In February of last year under the claim affiliata Lukoil - the supplier of fuel of Open Company TZK Roshchino - PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - the arbitration court has entered on TAL procedure of time supervision, in May - external management. In the middle of May, 2003 the decision on prolongation of external management on half a year was accepted. Accounts payable TAL together with fines and penalties makes about 200 million rbl. to the State in the name of MIO the Russian Federation and the Russian Federal Property Fund 75 % TAL, other package - at labour collective belong.

we Will remind that, at once after introduction of procedure of supervision, and actions TAL tried to sell property: The state some times exposed on sale the package, and the external managing director - declared realisation of a property complex of airline. However in spite of the fact that eventually cost of property of the company has gone down almost twice, investors to find and it was not possible.
After the third unfortunate attempt to sell a company aircraft depot, the external managing director has changed the sale form. According to new conditions, the property could be sold without the public auctions to the one who could offer the optimum sum which would satisfy creditors. The air carrier " has become interested in initially these conditions; Yamal . However, according to managing director TAL Gennady Gerasimov, subsequently they have refused participation.
two weeks ago terms of external management have expired, therefore there was a necessity to solve a question on the further destiny 35 - a summer air carrier: or prodljat external management or to enter the competitive. The arbitration managing director has made the decision on refusal of prolongation of external management and introduction of last stage of bankruptcy. In this connection it has been decided to reduce enterprise costs, having stopped flights. Since November, 1st TAL has ceased to transport. As to routes TAL them now carry out Yamal and Kogalymavia .
the meeting of creditors " Today will take place; the Tyumen airlines . As Gennady Gerasims has declared, on it he intends to petition for the reference in arbitration court of the Tyumen region for the purpose of introduction at the enterprise of competitive manufacture. On competition it is supposed to expose both an aircraft depot, and buildings and constructions, and also aviation - technical base which is one of the most liquid actives of airline. He has refused to name cost of actives, having declared that the business estimation will be made before realisation. Terms of sale are unknown also. It will be solved by creditors - mister Gerasims has declared.
meanwhile analysts consider what to realise property TAL which will enter into competitive weight, it will be difficult enough. a number of models TAL, for example, marks AN, already morally also are worn physically out. To interest investors, probably, can THEY be 154 - the analyst of Incorporated financial group Elena Sahnova considers. She also is assured that for liquidity increase to expose property TAL better not a uniform prize, and in parts.
as to potential buyers as them any aviaoperators can act. Including Yamal and Kogalymavia . Earlier it was expected that in purchase will take part Utair. However yesterday in the company have declared refusal of the plans on participation in the auctions. However, participants of the market do not exclude application from an air carrier Siberia . As already wrote , the company is interested for a long time already in business of the Tyumen region. In particular, it already showed interest to purchase of the Tyumen central agency of air communications.