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Germans have hammered in Krasnodar

Yesterday in suburb of Krasnodar the first stone in the base future kombajnovogo factory of German concern CLAAS has been put. As have informed in the Krasnodar regional administration, on factory building 12 months is required, CLAAS will enclose in this project nearby EURO 20 million
Now CLAAS is in Russia the leader of sales among foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery and occupies about third of Russian market of import agricultural cars. By calculations of experts, for the further increase in presence in the domestic market to foreigners it is necessary not only to sell, but also to make the technics in Russia. Therefore the German company plans to create the enterprise with 100 - the percentage German capital where new cars would gather, and also to place orders for release as it is possible bolshego numbers of knots and units among the domestic enterprises. Such approach will allow to reduce the price considerably of technics, having raised that its competitiveness.

the device of the plenipotentiary of the president of Russia in Southern federal district directly has connected the Beginning of building of factory CLAAS with results of an investment forum the South of Russia - 2003: ample opportunities for cooperation which has passed in the beginning of this week in Berlin. Following the results of a forum not named the official representative of the device of the plenipotentiary has informed agency Interfax that the basic share of the contracts concluded in Berlin is necessary to Krasnodar territory - more EURO 330 million Thus, according to the source of agency, the administration of Krasnodar territory and company CLAAS has concluded the large-scale contract of a forum for the sum more EURO 200 million on building of factory of the combines which first stone will be already put on October, 31st. He also has noticed that with company CLAAS has concluded the contract and factory Rostselmash on delivery of accessories for modernisation of let out combines. The sum of this project, according to the representative of plenipotentiary representation, also makes order EURO 200 million

Meanwhile, the first negotiations of the Kuban authorities with representatives of concern CLAAS have passed in December of last year. Then German businessmen chose a place for factory building - Krasnodar or Voronezh. One year ago assistants to the governor of Krasnodar territory Vitaly Pushkin and Alexander Remezkov have promised to Germans a number of the preferences, concerning a customs mode, the taxation, safety, and also the help in the organisation of sale of production. As a result, the contract with the largest European manufacturer of agricultural machinery has got to Kuban. In the middle of May, 2003 it was concluded by the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev during the international economic forum Days of Krasnodar territory in Germany . The parties have agreed about building in Krasnodar of factory on which it will be developed otvertochnaja assemblage of German combines, thus CLAAS then declared that will enclose in this project of $30 million, and the factory will annually make to 1 thousand grain - and kormouborochnyh combines.

as have informed in regional administration, at the last recently Berlin forum contracts with CLAAS if subscribed, only specifying character . I an island of the general director of Department of economic development, investments and external relations of edge of Valentine Ulyanov in conversation with the correspondent could not inform, whence at plenipotentiary representation the data about contract cost in EURO 200 million As she said, at yesterday`s ceremony representatives CLAAS among whom there was also a founder of the company Helmut Klaas undertook, has declared that will enclose in project EURO 20 million She has noticed that the factory will be constructed in a year, and the first party of technics leaves from the conveyor already to the beginning of an agricultural season of 2005.

in department have informed that from its part the regional authorities have promised to German partners fast registration of all accompanying documents. The administration of Krasnodar territory intends to help also CLAAS with the organisation of sale of its production through inclusion of technics made at factory in system of regional leasing and interest rate subsidising under credits to agricultural productions. Experience of such work at regional administration already is: in the end of April the Kuban authorities have made decision to issue in the Savings Bank a three-year loan on 750 million roubles under 15 % annual and to direct these means for purchase of combines of German firm, giving to their agricultural manufacturers on the terms of leasing.

in administration of Krasnodar territory have noticed that are ready to give to the new enterprise and tax privileges. So, concessions are possible at collection of profit taxes and on property (in a part enlisted in the regional budget), and also under regional taxes and tax collections. These privileges, have informed in regional administration, can be given, if representatives CLAAS address with the corresponding request. while anybody with such questions to us did not come - has noted a source.

as has informed Valentine Ulyanov, German partners intend to raise constantly a share of the Russian accessories in the technics let out at the Krasnodar factory. According to some information, in some years it can reach 75 %. Corresponding arrangements are already reached with the Kuban enterprises Rismash and Krasnodarselmash as potential partners other Russian enterprises, in particular Open Society " are considered also; a Rostselmash .

the Director for Open Society public relations a Rostselmash Alexander Savostyanov has confirmed that the Rostov enterprise is ready to deliver the production of company CLAAS. We have agreed about mutual deliveries of production. So, in the beginning of June of this year on a Rostselmash have started to let out combines with bridges of German concern - mister Savostyanov has told. He has noticed that the arrangement on deliveries of accessories with a Rostselmash on CLAAS also it is reached, but whether they will be delivered on the Krasnodar factory of concern or on any another, Rostov kombajnostroiteljam it is unimportant. Making comments on the message of plenipotentiary representation that the contract sum a Rostselmash and CLAAS makes EURO 200 million, Alexander Savostyanov has informed that such volume can be reached only for some years.