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Alexey Vorobev will cut down expenses

Yesterday Sverdlovsk prime minister Alexey Vorobev has made the order to the ministries to prepare offers on reduction of expenses of the regional budget of current year on 3 - 5 %. He has explained it to that for first three quarters the regional treasury has received less an order 1, 5 mlrd rbl. of the planned incomes. In the government consider that the Legislative Assembly is in many respects guilty: deputies have rejected the bill of debt re-structuring under the tax to users of highways which could increase budget incomes approximately on 2 mlrd roubles. Deputies with charges do not agree and explain a shortage short-sightedness of regional officials at planning of incomes.
yesterday the government of Sverdlovsk area has summed up execution of the regional budget for the first 9 months 2003. As has told and. An island of the Minister of Finance Maria Serova, for this period in regional treasury has arrived 15, 941 mlrd rbl. Growth in comparison with last year has made almost 10 %. However, madam Serova has informed, the area has lagged behind planned targets of profitableness on 11 %, without having received in addition nearby 1, 5 mlrd rbl.
By words and. The island of the minister, the shortage most part appears under the profit tax and the tax to users of highways (NPA) which has been abolished since January, 1st of current year. As madam Serova has explained, decrease in receipts of the profit tax has occurred from - for changes in the Tax code of the Russian Federation, resolved to the enterprises to include in the cost price of production a number of expenses on which the limit earlier was established. From - for it the regional budget has missed an order 1 mlrd rbl.
And here with receipts NPA members of the government blame deputies of regional Legislative Assembly for problems. According to prime minister Alexey Vorobeva if deputies have agreed to pass the law on write-off of a fine and penalties at preschedule repayment of a shortage under the tax to users of highways, area this year would receive nearby 2 mlrd rbl.
It is a question of the bill which the government has brought in regional parliament in the spring of this year. In it it was offered to write off 80 % of fines and penalties from those debtors who will extinguish the basic part of a debt. The matter is that the tax to users of highways has been excellent the federal government since January, 1st, 2003. But as in area the debts (nearby 6 mlrd rbl.) have collected Under this tax which the enterprises did not hasten to pay, the Sverdlovsk government has decided to return it by means of the promise to write off a fine and penalties to those debtors who will start to pay off. However deputies have refused to pass the law.
members of parliament, from its part, fault do not recognise. According to the chairman of budgetary committee of a regional thought Boris Chojnzonova, they have rejected the mentioned bill because it contradicts the federal legislation. the tax to users of highways was federal, and all mechanisms of its collection were in sphere of the federal legislation. Therefore we had no right to pass such law - mister Chojnzonov has explained. And deputy Ilya Borzenkov has noted: If we have accepted this bill, it would be immediately protested by the public prosecutor. And the enterprises should pay in addition and the shortage rest. As a matter of fact, we simply would substitute the tax bearer .
Mister Borzenkov has specified and that default of a profitable part of the regional budget for 9 months of current year is connected with short-sighted tax planning of the regional government. It would be desirable, that members of the government, being engaged in tax planning, looked at least at a step forward and predicted lawful mechanisms of realisation of profitable sources - deputy Borzenkov has noted.
Meanwhile at yesterday`s session of the government prime minister Alexey Vorobev has made to the ministries the order to prepare offers on reduction of an account part of the regional budget on 3 - 5 %. As madam Serova, first of all " has assumed; this decision if it is accepted, will concern expenses on capital construction .
However, it is not excluded that the government will manage to avoid the sequester. At yesterday`s session of the government prime minister Alexey Vorobev has made the order to the ministries not only to prepare for reduction of expenses, but also to search for reserve sources of replenishment of a revenue. And itself has brought some offers. Namely: to check up payment of taxes by the large enterprises of area, to force all employers to establish at the enterprises the salary not below a living wage (to increase gathering of the tax to incomes of physical persons), completely to collect taxes for the earth and property, and also all payments for environmental contaminations.