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The Istrinsky court has captivated the trophy tank

Yesterday service of court enforcement officers of the Saratov region under the decision of Istrinsky city court of Moscow Region has arrested tank T - 4 the Tiger from the Saratov museum of fighting glory. The exhibit belongs leninsko - snegirevskomu to a memorial complex in Istrinsky area of Moscow Region which management already almost half a year achieves its returning. In area administration have informed that the first step to tank returning is made. Of the Saratov region suspect that the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov does on the Tiger pre-election public relations, also counterclaims promise to submit. already told about battle of the Saratov and Moscow authorities for the fascist tank the Tiger standing now in the Saratov park of the Victory.
in the Summer of 2001 at the desire of the governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov and on the instructions of the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromova a fighting vehicle have for a while transferred as an exchange of exhibits from leninsko - snegirevskogo a memorial complex (Istrinsky area) in an exposition opened then Saratov museum of fighting glory to a grief Sokolovoj. However the museum not only has not transferred leninsko - snegirevskomu to a complex anything in exchange, but also has not returned the Tiger . In the Saratov region consider that Muscovites have presented the tank to the Saratov heroes - to liberators of Leningrad .
past Friday the Istrinsky city court where with the claim veterans of area have addressed, has made the decision on tank arrest. we have taken the first step returning the Tiger there, where it also should stand - in leninsko - snegirevsky a complex - has commented The judgement the chairman of committee on culture of administration of Istrinsky area of Roman Aleksjuk. As he said, the city court decision means that until the arbitration court will not define, who posesses the tank, nobody will have the right to dispose of it at own discretion. I have received the notice from service of court enforcement officers of the Saratov region that work on judgement performance will be executed - the official has underlined.
simultaneously with it in arbitration court of Moscow Region the proceeding, which overall objective now proceeds - to find out, who nevertheless posesses the disputable tank. The administration of Istrinsky area insists that the tank it is necessary to return in leninsko - snegirevsky a memorial complex. The lawyers representing the Saratov region, say that the tank is a fighting weapon, and it belongs to museum fund of Russia, instead of a concrete museum.
the tank is similar to the fighting weapon least. In the reservation traces from the shells are visible, one of caterpillars is torn, the tank is already deduced for a long time from a working condition.
the decision arbitration court yet has not accepted, however if it is not in favour of the Saratov region, its management will necessarily submit the counterclaim. About it the governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov has declared yesterday. this tank is necessary to them - let take away, - the governor has told. - but then let will return money which they have received for this tank. What money? They perfectly know about it. And in administration of Istrinsky area, and in Moscow Region. The big money. All documents, all receipts at me are . Mister Ayatskov has refused to name the concrete sum and addressees of means for the tank, but promised that if the court nevertheless will make the decision on return, it will publish these data. Governor Boris Gromov untwists this history on the threshold of the elections (elections of the governor of Moscow Region will pass on December, 7th, 2003 - ). Only in vain he wants to receive piarovskie dividends on the trophy German technics - mister Ayatskov has summed up.
in administration of Istrinsky area of data on the money received from the Saratov region for the tank, deny at all.
Andrey Kozenko