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the Student has got on e-mail
Yesterday the Voronezh management of FSB has extended the information on detention of the student of the Voronezh state university (VGU) which has the day before given a false alarm to security officers. He has informed on forthcoming commission of crime in fire school, and the letter has signed a name of the familiar Caucasian, counting that that will have problems with law enforcement bodies. As the head of group of public relations Voronezh UFSB Pavel Bolshunov has told, on October, 31st the letter of the following maintenance has come to the Voronezh management by e-mail: Today or tomorrow cadets Voronezh fire - technical school want to attack the person on duty and to grasp a pistol. Will go like on to the four number I do not know . In the message were filled out a name of the author - Hamhoev Ibragim - and its electronic address.
Field investigators were in earnest about the information and have established that the letter has been sent from the anonymous free post server with considerable shifts. Search of electronic traces of the anonymous author has resulted operative workers in computer class VGU. In the morning of next day to the author of the letter operative employees home have come. Not expecting such turn of events the well-wisher at once has started to offer explanations. Has told that wanted thus to substitute the hated Caucasian Hamhoeva - the cadet - the fireman who has ostensibly offended its friends. As Pavel Bolshunov has noted, now in UFSB the question is solved, whether to bring criminal case under item 207 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Obviously the untrue report on the terrorism certificate or to be limited to preventive work.