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Semiconductors have handed over minoritarijam

Yesterday the decision of the Voronezh regional court on proceeding between the Voronezh factory of semi-conductor devices and the minority shareholder of this enterprise " has come into force; invest - the Trust . Minoritarii through court have stopped deducing of actives of factory in branches, being afraid of manufacture disorder. The administration asserts that the judgement has broken it some investment projects. As told (on August, 15th), in the middle of last year meeting of shareholders of Open Society the Voronezh factory of semi-conductor devices the decision on gratuitous alienation of property for the sum of 250 million rbl. of affiliated company of Open Company " has made; Bipoljar . However minoritarii the enterprises - invest - the Trust - have decided that at a conclusion of actives the enterprise stock value will automatically decrease. According to the law About joint-stock companies They have demanded from management VZPP to redeem their actions. Management VZPP has suggested to redeem actions at minoritariev on 9,81 rbl. for one action, but minoritarii 110 rbl. for one action have demanded. Each of the parties has calculated that their cost is market.
one of creditors invest - the Trust has submitted in May of this year the claim to the Soviet district court of Voronezh with the requirement to collect with invest - the Trust 1 million rbl. which, in turn, has run into debt VZPP. On demand of court independent estimation of cost of actions of Open Society " has been spent; VZPP . Appraisers from Open Company the Estimation of investment projects have confirmed that market stock value VZPP makes 110 rbl. for the action. In this connection the court has nullified the decision of board of directors and meeting of shareholders VZPP on a conclusion of actives of factory in Open Company affiliated company Bipoljar . The court has obliged management VZPP to redeem 24 thousand actions at invest - the Trust on 110 rbl. for the action.
management VZPP has appealed against against this decision. The regional court decision yesterday has come into force, on which management VZPP is refused the appeal. As general director VZPP Yury Fomenko has told yesterday to the correspondent , in a management factory and did not count on a victory in court. the requirement invest - the Trust it was considered with use of the original scheme - to court on VZPP has submitted not itself invest - the Trust and creditors of this enterprise - physical persons. Thereby economic dispute has been translated from arbitration jurisdiction in civil courts . Therefore, as he said, lawyers VZPP could not challenge the decision of the Soviet court in regional court.
he also has informed that from - for the claim minoritariev on the verge of failure there are negotiations with Zelenograd concern Centre of science . This enterprise was ready to put up money in realisation of some commercial projects on floor spaces VZPP. At VZPP hundred millions debts and consequently the administration tried to create branches without debts for realisation of these projects, and minoritarii it have blocked - mister Fomenko has told. Mister Fomenko has noticed that he considers requirements invest - the Trust about purchase of their actions at the high price illegal, but management VZPP should execute a judgement.