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a Kinotavr has opened a season
In the Moscow merchant club the president of a group of companies a Kinotavr Mark Rudinshtejn and the president of the Open Russian film festival Oleg Yankovsky have given a press - the conference devoted to the beginning of a new season 2003/ of 2004. Its main event will be XV Open Russian film festival to which, however, it is still far - it will take place, as usual, in Sochi from June, 1 till June, 14th. But practically on a nose III children`s international festival of arts kinotavrik - it will pass from November, 1 till November, 10th in Krasnodar and Sochi and except a choreography, painting and theatre will please the young spectator with competition of feature films and cartoon films. Following actions a Kinotavr have a little changed the schedule: delivery of the national award film critics and the film press the Gold Aries has moved from the end of December on 3 - e number, and film festival opening love Faces January spent usually in second half, now it is dated for women`s day 8 Martha. Has come to the end a press - conference by presentation of elite man`s club White gold in which a Kinotavr is going to accept the well-known cinematographers and the actors who have created on the screen bright man`s images. Sergey Bezrukov who has created an image of gangster Sashi White in a serial " became the first such actor; the Brigade and as honorary members it have to begin with joined Mark Rudinshtejn and Oleg Yankovsky.

On Sotheby ` s the most expensive British chair
At auction Sotheby ` s has been sold the English chair of a XVIII-th century is sold. This fact is remarkable that it has been sold for the record price for English chairs - 386,4 thousand pounds (about $645 thousand) . The chair made of the Cuban mahogany, is a part of the complete set of the library furniture dated approximately on 1760. The founder of a chair is unknown, however British Guardian informs that in its forms influence outstanding English mebelshchika Thomas Chippendejla living in 1718 - is accurately traced 1779.
the chair was bought by a certain American collector, and the final price has exceeded originally declared twice. Before in 1950 the chair has been got by the known British collector of furniture of Persivalem Griffitsom, the history of this masterpiece is unknown.

Of John Lennon`s songs will make a musical
the Widow of legendary musician John Lennon Joko Ono has blest the musical project about life of the husband. In a statement basis will lay down about Lennon`s 30 songs of the late period. A musical under the name Lennon`s Project the Broadway will see in a following season. In a statement basis events 1960 - 1970 - h have laid down years. The protagonist will be played by 12 actors, each of which will represent the certain period from life of the musician. its ideas about love and the world are very important, especially today - Joko It has told. Lennon`s widow hopes that the musical becomes for spectators something big, than entertainment is simple. As she said, Lennon`s music should give to people a self-confidence and courage.
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