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The senior has ordered

Yesterday the Regional power commission (REK) Petersburg and the similar body in Leningrad region was lowered by tariffs for the electric power for the population on 20 %. So the head of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Anatoly Chubays has illustrated positivity of reform carried out by it on electric power industry liberalisation. However participants of the market consider that this measure of the general with liberalisation of the market has no anything and even is harmful to reform. The statement that the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ intends to lower tariffs for the population in five regions, including Petersburg and Leningrad region, Anatoly Chubays has made one week ago, spending selector a press - conference. According to mister Chubays, this step will not lead to profit decrease “ Lenenergo “ as since November, first the company can buy the electric power directly without intermediary of the federal wholesale market of electric energy and power (Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market) in the free market and to save on it.
it is curious that the market has reacted to the statement of mister Chubays misunderstanding. Officials from the regional power commissions especially were perplexed. It it was not clear, how it is possible to lower the tariff for separate groups of consumers. The matter is that calculation of existing tariffs REKi did on the basis of the economic analysis of the power companies and depending on efficiency of their activity counted the prices both for the population, and for industrial consumers. For example, in Petersburg of 20 % from the tariff for private traders business - consumers is subsidised. Therefore still one week ago officials firmly stood that if the prices for one consumer group it is necessary to change the tariff and for other consumer groups are reconsidered. However yesterday in Petersburg REKe have informed that the Federal power commission insists on urgent decrease in tariffs since November, first, and revision of tariffs for city prompotrebitelej will not be.
According to analysts, reduction of prices for private traders will not affect in any way Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ financial indicators - they consume only 8 % of the electricity sold by affiliated companies of the Russian Open Society. But participants of the market have specified that increase of efficiency of the companies of the Russian Open Society in connection with an exit on the free market of the wholesale electric power has caused not removal of grants with prompredprijaty, and, on the contrary, their stimulation. “ liberalisation of the market of electric power industry is first of all liquidation of grants. It is illogical, when the large industrial consumer pays several times more than a private trader. In our opinion, in business of liberalisation of the market the given measure - the big step back. That the decision is dictated by political grounds " Very would not be desirable to believe; - the analyst " has declared; Atona “ Alexander Korneyev.
however Anatoly Chubays has explained the step on decrease in tariffs which should become the answer to all opponents of spent reforms, political grounds. Especially mister Chubays was upset recently with creativity “ an United Russia “ and “ the press which advertises against reform “: “ So-called friendly to us party ` the United Russia ` has extended a caricature on which Chubays raises from reform money in the coin box “ - Anatoly Chubays on selector a press - conferences admitted. One more explanation of why market expert Chubays has taken an antimarket step, was yesterday on an official site of the city government: “ This decision is accepted at the initiative of the president who has demanded from the government of Russia and the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ of decrease in tariffs “.