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The scandals connected with vitse - governor Ilya Klebanov

During the vitse - governorships Ilya Klebanov has had time to participate in several scandal stories.
in January, 1999 it has interfered with the internal conflict of proprietors on Open Society “ the Leningrad metal factory “ openly having supported representatives of group “ Interros “ and Energomashbanka clashing with Open Society “ energomashkorporatsija “ (EMK). Management EMK tried to translate labour collective and enterprise fixed capital on the balance, but has encountered active resistance of the workers supported by the Petersburg administration in the name of Ilya Klebanov. The conflict has ended with a victory “ Interros “ and a claim presentation to mister Klebanov from management EMK.
In the beginning of April of the same 1999 Ilya Klebanov actively lobbied interests of suppliers of the humanitarian help, first of all grains, from the USA and EU. The help was completely not gratuitous is there was a long-term commodity credit in which as admitted then the head of the Petersburg food corporation Alexander Zorin, the special need was not. Nevertheless mister Klebanov addressed to deputies Legislative cīįšąķč’, persuading them immediately to confirm the corresponding contract with Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production as otherwise the city was threatened ostensibly with hunger.
at last, the loudest scandal with Ilya Klebanov`s participation has inflamed in the end of April - the beginning of May, 1999. Then the Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg has arrested adviser Ilya Klebanov, the shareholder of alcoholic factories “ Ladoga “ and “ Rosalko - Neva “ Veniamin Grabara. Mister Grabara have accused of attempt of repartition of the Petersburg market of alcoholic production and extortion of bribes at directors of other vodka distilleries entering into association “ the Alliance “. Ilya Klebanov has sharply expressed in mass-media in protection of the adviser, having declared that its adviser became a victim of provocation. In 2000, already after Ilya Klebanov`s appointment vitse - the prime minister, the city court of Petersburg has justified Veniamin Grabara in the absence of crime event, and a bit later the Krasnogvardejsky court has satisfied its claim to the State Office of Public Prosecutor.