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Factory of a name of Kirov have accused of emission

As it became known the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov area of Perm has begun investigation upon a strong gassed condition of area in the evening on October, 8th. In the city centre sanepidnadzora assume that the cloud of sulfuric acid was let out by factory of Kirov. However heads of factory deny this charge. Almost week the information on harmful emission carefully disappeared supervising structures. And only yesterday the main health officer of Perm Vladislav Korovka officially declared this fact. The high-ranking source in city administration has informed that mister Korovka has received such instructions from the head of Perm Arcady Kameneva. As he said, the mayor has been especially revolted by that prospective failure has occurred in days when safety prikamskih factories was checked by Privolzhsko - the Ural centre on affairs GO and CHS. And a six-day pause which was sustained by mister Kamenev, its press - the service has explained desire To make a full picture of incident .
Events developed on October, 8th so. At 20 o`clock 40 minutes the regional service of medicine of accidents has informed in centre GSEN on mass calls from inhabitants of the Kirov area. People complained of irritation of the top respiratory ways, zatrudnennost breath, poshchipyvanie a language tip. The white cloud which moved from an industrial zone was visual support. Experts have immediately made air tests in area, but excess of norm of harmful substances have not found out. Heads of factories of Kirov, the Sorbent and Halogen which have gathered for an emergency meeting, have assured Vladislav Korovku that no failures at the enterprises existing.
however next day centre GSEN has checked up any more area streets, and sanitary - a protective zone of the Kirov factory. And concentration of sulfuric acid in atmosphere has appeared above norm in 2 - 2,5 times. Simultaneously experts in details surveyed Halogen and the Sorbent . They have found out that acids do not use these enterprises absolutely or apply ogranichenno.
Thus, the factory of Kirov has appeared the only thing in area which used sulfuric acid in great volume. Suspicions of mister Korovki were strengthened by that fact that heads of factory have refused to it full inspection of the enterprise, having explained it is high privacy. Nevertheless today centre GSEN declares that infringements of the sanitary code at factory managed to be revealed even at superficial check. In particular, on a site where sulfuric acid is used, filters of clearing of emissions did not work. And in the same shop malfunctions of pipelines were eliminated by the concentrated chamois of acid.
Vladislav Korovka also has noticed that a wind direction on October, 8th and the dispersion centre also testify not in favour of the Kirov factory. But, the main health officer has noted, it cannot draw a definitive conclusion on a gassed condition source. The situation is complicated also by that any of the enterprises of the Kirov area which were checked up by centre GSEN, does not carry out the constant control of the emissions put under the law. Therefore sanepidemiologi have transferred the collected materials in area Office of Public Prosecutor. They hope for scale investigation.
however the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Kirov area Nikolay Trojnich doubts that the emission source will manage to be defined and punished. I live in Zakamske also any cloud did not see - he has informed yesterday . The maximum that waits guilty, is the penalty in 400 - 500 minimum wage rates. About criminal responsibility, has assumed zamprokurora, speech will not go at all. Anyway inhabitants of area did not declare till now that emission by any image was injurious to their health.