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VBM - SGAU smashes Kursk the Dynamo

On Sunday the Samara female basketball club VBM - SGAU in a house match has crushed the Dynamo from Kursk with the account 103:45 also remained the individual leader of superiority of a superleague. Also on Sunday the management of the Samara club had been presented fans champion WNBA the Swine the Cache which will support VBM - SGAU, since a following match. Sunday game became for the Samara command already to the tenth for last twenty days. And any of them did not become a checkpoint - five games in the World cup won VBM - SGAU, three in superiority of a superleague of Russia and two in Euroleague. Therefore it is no wonder that the head coach of the Samara club Igor Grudin has allowed to have a rest to leading players and has begun a match actually an alternating cast. The basic players on a platform with a starting whistle left only Olga Arteshina who did not fly to Spain (there VBM - SGAU has lost in Euroleague Dews - Kaseresu With the account 54:58 - ) from - for problems with health.
but already at the very beginning of game the Samara basketball players have let know to competitors that time spent by them on a platform, is not exact reflexion of their class - starting five-minute has been won VBM - SGAU with the account 11:0. And by an outcome 7 - j minutes of an abacus was already 16:2, and fans have already started to estimate, the total account can appear what. But that has occurred further, seemingly, was not expected by anybody. In the beginning of the second quarter of a match on a platform there were basic players of the team (Maria Stepanova, Oksana Rahmatullina and Kamila Vodichkova) and have in a short space of time finished a separation to 20 points. And even the return replacements spent by Igor Grudinym, have not stopped attacking impulse of the Samara basketball players. As later on a press - conferences has noted forward VBM - SGAU Julia Koroleva, All of us wanted to show that are worthy to leave on a platform from first minutes, therefore did not look at a board, and tried to show everything, on what are capable . In a result, after a final siren on a board Samara MTL - Arenas account 103 - 45 in favour of the Samara command burnt.
after game the trainer of a Kursk command Oleg Sgonnikov has refused to come on a press - conference, having referred to health, therefore the trainer of the Samara club Igor Grudin communicated with journalists only. He has promised to draw conclusions from two defeats and to try to win the nearest match in Euroleague. New player VBM will take part in this match - SGAU the Swine the Cache. It became champion WNBA in last season, supporting Detroit Shock, spending on a platform on the average 36,1 minutes for game and typing 16,3 points. A swine the Cache there should be replacement to the player of a national team of Congo Mvadi Mabike who after the termination of the World cup has left Samara. By the way, this game will take place on Wednesday, and on a platform against VBM - SGAU there are basketball players of French Valansena won against the Samara club in draw of the World cup.
and it is necessary to notice that by preparation for this match the club management pays attention not only to a condition of players, but also spectators. After a match them will carry by buses directly from MTL - Arenas .