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Depends on a task in view

Ilya Klebanov`s Appointment as the plenipotentiary of the president on Severo - to the Western federal district has appeared unexpected for its native city. And even still yesterday representatives of regional elite were at a loss at the answer to a question, whether the new plenipotentiary can essentially improve an economic climate in region. And presumably this problem is put before mister Klebanov. Appointed on Saturday the plenipotentiary of the president on Severo - to the Western federal district, already the former federal minister of the industry and a science Ilya Klebanov has kept about itself in a native city quite good memory (see Direct speech ) . However anybody from with whom it many long years worked in goradministratsii, does not risk today to assume, as mister Klebanov will build the activity on a new post. The majority considers, as to Petersburg, and all Severo - to the West has carried that Moscow returns valuable shots . So, for example, speaker ZakSa Vadim of Tulips in general has declared that Vladimir Putin has made, certainly, successful choice as Ilya Klebanov - the high professional in the field of the industry and economy, and Petersburg is not only cultural capital .
Under data, in the plenipotentiary representation the name of the new chief has caused sincere surprise. (Though many remember now that Ilya Klebanov was one of those who visited at night Valentina Matvienko`s pre-election staff both after the first, and after the second round of voting on governor`s elections.) This appointment has partly mixed plans on the personnel motions which were outlined in connection with planned moving of the madam of Matvienko in Smolnyj. However, a panic on Petrovsky quay it is not observed: anybody from officials does not believe that it is necessary to search for a new place of work from - that the plenipotentiary will result with itself someone else. Well unless assistant, from among the former colleagues on LOMO.
the opinion of one of officials of Smolnogo to which could co-operate in due time much with mister Klebanov when that occupied an armchair of the first vitse - the governor jakovlevskoj administrations is interesting. On the condition of anonymity ( At it now almost presidential status! ) The interlocutor has declared that Ilya Klebanov at all does not like to work independently, preferring to join someone`s command. Therefore, probably, the new plenipotentiary " will behave; in the tideway of instructions received in the Kremlin. I it, of course, did not see since 1999, but I do not think that it has strongly changed - the interlocutor has noted.
if before the first plenipotentiary of the president on Severo - the West Victor Cherkesovym besides forming notorious power verticals the accurate political problem was put - to create in Petersburg and to support in alertness the block resisting to Smolnomu now needs for it are not present. Duma and presidential election should pass the nearest without complications so, mister Klebanov still had one economy.
being still the chairman of the Petersburg committee on economy and industrial development, mister Klebanov, as a rule, acted as the supporter enough radical means. For example, he often insisted on bankruptcy of the enterprises as the main tool of their economic improvement. Though, of course, any economic boldness will be for certain limited now a channel of instructions from higher instance. Coincidence, but the present town governor of Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko, being one more of candidates on this post, constantly declared necessity of reorganisation and maintenance of growth of the local industry. Thus, if suddenly someone asked about the first urgent steps on this way, it looked absolutely helpless. Now the industry not only Petersburg, but also all Severo - the West can be engaged let were, but profile the minister.