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You are glad to plenipotentiary Klebanov?

Vitaly Kalinin, the chairman of committee of SPb of regional branch of People party of the Russian Federation:
- It is possible to hope that with its arrival to St.-Petersburg the defensive industry and shipbuilding will revive. I will not be surprised, if in four years mister Klebanov stands on a post of the governor.

Yury Savelyev, deputy ZakSa of St.-Petersburg:
- Klebanov have appointed the plenipotentiary to clean from political arena. I do not think that he will be late on this post longer, than till the end of presidential election. Besides that it appears in many scandals connected including with a defensive complex, at Klebanov too close connections with oligarchy.

Alexander Aronov, the chairman of board of directors of Open Society LOMO :
- to Klebanov we are always glad. And if it is serious, for business LOMO has no basic value who holds a post of the plenipotentiary. After all not it costs at the machine tool, advances production in the market and distributes privileges among the enterprises. In general we have not got used to hope on the kind uncle .

Michael Amoss, the leader of fraction the Apple in ZakSe of St.-Petersburg:
- It is glad. He from local and well knows a situation in a city. And though anything superstanding out, being the chairman of city committee on economic policy, the industry and trade, it has not made, from all people on this post it was one of the most sensible and knowing. I do not think that we are waited by any considerable changes. The plenipotentiary - a post ceremonial, intended to provide information communication between the president and region. This post does not provide any political independence - as the president will tell, and will be.

Valery Soldatov, the chairman of committee on work with the state housing certificates of Association of realtors of St.-Petersburg:
- It to me not the relative that to it rejoiced. Judging by its work in the government, the person it distinct. Anyway I perceive it as the. I think, it will be less, than its predecessors to politicise. Its experience gives to hope that in economic sphere of more attention will be given this sector, including oboronke.

Vakhtang Koveshnikov, the president of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of St.-Petersburg:
- I Consider that the president has made the correct decision. Klebanov not by hearsay a sign with specificity of our region and its problems, which weight - from development of fishing fleet and restoration of Northern sea way before creation of an innovative policy in region.