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Regional elections

Yury Luzhkov has refused from a body - and radio debate
Yesterday the Moscow Election Committee has distributed by a toss-up free time in a body - and airs, and also the area in printing editions for candidates for mayors of capital. Under the arrangement between representatives of candidates the variant of distribution of the printing area when the information on all candidates leaves in great volume in one number has been chosen. Muscovites can familiarise with propaganda materials from November, 14th till December, 5th in district editions. Among them the newspaper Moscow - the North Moscow - the Center Southern horizons Zelenograd today . Each candidate also will have an opportunity to act five times on air of TV channel Capital on weekdays in 22. 30 from November, 10th till December, 5th. On propaganda in the support at each candidate will be three minutes. Besides it in an aether there are Alexander Lebedev and Herman Sterligova`s two joint propaganda materials (on November, 19th and 26). Other two candidates, Yury Luzhkov and Nikolay Lifanov, have refused teledebates. Concern Radio - the Center will give to each candidate for six minutes within the limits of four propaganda blocks which leave 12, 19, on November, 26th and on December, 3rd. round tables on radio will pass on November, 14th and 21. Participation in them will accept only Alexander Lebedev and Herman Sterligov.
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eight candidates apply For a post of the head of the Orenburg region...
the electoral committee of the Orenburg region has registered as candidates on a post of the governor of region (elections are appointed to December, 7th) eight persons. Registration of candidates has come to the end on October, 30th. The head of administration of Tashlinsky area of area Evgenie Susoev, the adviser of the ministry for regional administration Rinat Hamiev natural resources, the operating head of administration of area Alexey Tchernyshev, the director of Joint-Stock Company apply for a post of the governor Orenburg a technical inform - the company Nikolay Naumenko, the rector of the Orenburg state university Victor Bondarenko, the operating deputy of the State Duma from fraction of Union of Right Forces Oleg Naumov, military pensioner Vladimir Malenkov and the head of a farm Michael Borkov.

... And the Kirov region - twelve
Yesterday the electoral committee of the Kirov region has informed that 12 persons apply for a post of the governor of region (elections will take place on December, 7th). Registration of candidates has come to the end on October, 30th. Among applicants - the mayor of Kirov Vasily Kiselyov, the chairman of Legislative Assembly of area Alexander Strelnikov, the vice-president of committee of the state building of the State Duma Nikolay Shaklein, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Kazakovtsev, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of region, the assistant to general director TI Kirovproekt Vladimir Tokarev, the first deputy of the secretary of political council of the Kirov branch an United Russia Oleg Valenchuk, the head of Shabalinsky area of area Sergey Dobrovolsky, the vice-president of Open Company KB ` Investsotsbank ` Alexander Zorin, the chairman of observant committee of Open Society Kirovo - Chepetsk chemical industrial complex George Briling, and also three assistants to operating governor of the region Vladimir Sergeyenkov: Anatoly Mogiljuk, Albina Pokruchina and Vyacheslav Torsunov.