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The highlight of the program

to Conduct 20. 00 the Main plot - Vladimir Putin has awarded participants of a rescue operation in Novoshakhtinsk. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - official. Shots from the Ekaterina`s hall of the Kremlin are given. The president addresses with speech to the present: For destiny of the miners who have got to a trouble, all of us worried. All country worried . The correspondent tells about some awarded. On a press - conferences after ceremony of rewarding of deputy minister of Energy Leonid Tropko recognises that safety precautions condition on mines, to put it mildly, depressing .
Time 21. 00 the Main plot - in the Kremlin have awarded rescuers and the miners who were taking part in a rescue operation on mine Western . A genre - the reporting. Intonation - heroic. Solemn ceremony shots are shown: the leader will read to the decree of the president about rewarding. The correspondent is short informs on mine-rescuers of Novoshakhtinsk and the operation performed by them. miracles are managed not only in heavens, but also underground - he quotes words of local residents. One of awarded in interview remembers the happened: Yes it every night now dreams me .
the Country and the world 22. 00 Release opens the message on explosions in Bagdad. The main plot - Michael Khodorkovsky leaves YUKOS. Intonation - recovered. The leader quotes the statement of the businessman: As the head I should make all for deducing of our labour collective from - under blow . Thus, Khodorkovsky it was displaced from business even more close to a policy the journalist in the reporting concludes. During direct inclusion head of the project Open Russia Michael Khodorkovsky Irina Yasin`s authorised representative explains that the businessman Wants to differentiate pressure upon and pressure upon the company .