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On Igor Sutjagina`s business have selected jurymen
Moscow City Court has finished selection of jurymen on criminal case of the Russian scientist Igor Sutjagina accused of high treason (item 275 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). As the lawyer of the defendant Herman Gavrjunin has informed, 12 cores and 2 spare jurymen which the court has warned about a criminal liability have been selected and took from them a subscription about nondisclosure of the data. Selection passed in the closed mode. Today the court plans to start a legal investigation in essence. At session representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor should state an essence of shown Sutjaginu of charges.
managing sector military - technical and military - economic policy of department of foreign policy researches of Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Sutjagin is accused of transfer of the data making state secret, to representatives of British consulting firm Alternativ Futures. According to FSB, the company was a roof For investigation of the USA also had no relation to scientific activity.
Igor Sutjagin does not recognise the fault. It does not deny transfer to foreign citizens of separate data, however asserts that took the information from open newspapers and magazines and operated according to the prisoner with firm the contract, being engaged in the press review.
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process on business " Has renewed; Aeroflot ...
In Savelovsky court of Moscow on Monday the hearings interrupted one and a half months ago on criminal case concerning the former heads of the company " have renewed; Aeroflot . As Andrey Borovkov, the lawyer of the former assistant to the general director " has informed; Aeroflot under Nikolay Glushkov`s finance, in September of hearing have been postponed in connection with necessity to its client, suffering blood disease, to pass the next course of treatment in gematologicheskom the centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.
All on a dock seven persons. The main things accused are Nikolay Glushkov and Alexander Krasnenker - the former assistant to the general director Aeroflot on commerce and advertising. Plunder by swindle, nevozvrashchenie from - for borders of means in foreign currency and money-laundering is incriminated to Nikolay Glushkov.
similar charges are shown Alexander Krasnenkeru, and also the former chief accountant of airline of Lydia Kryzhevsky and the general director of Joint-Stock Company Financial incorporated corporation to the Novel of Shejninu. The consequence considers that defendants have misled the general director Aeroflot Evgenie Shaposhnikova in a question on expediency of transfer of a currency gain Aeroflot into accounts of the uniform currency centre - the firm created in Switzerland Andava . Everything, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, since May 1996 till November, 1997 from foreign representations Aeroflot into accounts Andavy has arrived $252,3 million, the part of these means has been stolen.
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... And on the case of plane wreck
In the Stavropol regional court process on the case of plane An accident - 24 yesterday has renewed. It passes with participation of jurymen.
An - 24 has suffered accident in 1997 during a charter flight from Stavropol in Trabzon (Turkey). After 32 minutes after launch the plane has fallen from height of 6 thousand metres near to Cherkessk - capital Karachaevo-Circassia. All 50 were onboard the person were lost. Observing of a crash of airplane from the earth eyewitnesses assert that An - 24 has started to collapse in air.
last break in litigation proceeded more than two months. As have informed in a press - service of regional court, this time was required for end of detailed examination with participation of experts from Moscow and Kiev where this plane has been designed and constructed.
on a dock six employees of the former Stavropol aviagroup, accused under item 263 ch. 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation in infringement of safety rules of movement and operation road, air or a sailing charter. Under this article the law provides a measure of punishment till ten years of imprisonment.
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