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In the city of Uglegorsk have arrested vitse - the mayor
Yesterday Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Uglegorsk (Sakhalin region) has brought accusation in reception of a bribe to the assistant to the mayor Vladimir Chudnovu. The official has been detained in the office on Friday by transfer to it 3 thousand rbl. Shortly before it in law enforcement bodies the local farmer with the statement has addressed that vitse - the mayor extorts from it money for delivery of the permission to purchase of saw-timbers. At the moment of visiting by Vladimir Chudnova`s businessman security officers have rushed into an office of the employee of district administration. By them have been found out marked spetssostavom money.
the public prosecutor of a city Andrey Kuznetsov has declared that vitse - the mayor has decided to allocate itself with powers under taxes and tax collections and has organised paid delivery of admissions on export of forest products . In turn, mayor Leonid Osipov was sceptical about actions of Office of Public Prosecutor enough. business very muddy - he has noticed, having advised not to do conclusions and to wait the terminations of investigatory actions. The mayor has characterised Vladimir Chudnova as the person, not inclined to money-making . it has amazed Me - the town governor has told and has hinted that the farmer who has brought money could substitute the official.

In the city of Sharypove have detained the mayor
On suspicion in bribe reception in 5 thousand rbl. on Monday the head of administration of the city of Sharypova of Krasnoyarsk region Vladimir Pleshkov has been detained. On it have informed in edge Office of Public Prosecutor.
detention of the mayor has been spent by employees of local management on struggle against economic crimes. Mister Pleshkov will be in custody within 48 hours then its further destiny will be solved by court.
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Threefold murder for caviar
In the south of Sakhalin bodies of three workers of the fishery company of Open Company " are found out; Ocean disappeared in the end of October simultaneously with a robbery of a trade site. On it have informed on Monday in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Sakhalin region. On October, 27th in area law enforcement bodies the director of Open Company " has addressed; Ocean with the statement for disappearance of its assistant and two more workers which were engaged in preparation ryboproduktsii on a site in Makarovsky area at east coast of island. Besides, from a site Toyota Land Cruiser car, three boat motors Jamaha and 1,7 tons of salmon caviar have disappeared. In a course operatively - razysknyh actions the gone jeep has been found in a large forest in territory of Dolinsky area. In the car there were three corpses of employees of Open Company Ocean with gunshot wounds. Salmon caviar and boat motors are not found. Now are spent razysknye actions for an establishment of the persons involved in a robbery and murder. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Makarovsky area has filed criminal charges under article a Premeditated murder made under aggravating circumstances .