Rus News Journal

The question price

the special correspondent
One year prior to elections anybody in the country did not think that this person becomes the president. There was other favourite known and skilled, proved and shown. But then this little-known politician has won suddenly elections. Already there are questions.
hearings as if this person has won elections not simply so as if the certain businessman connected with the organised crime helped it to win went. Moreover as connected. This Businessman personified the organised crime and any other harm for each citizen of the country literally. Entrance to the country has been forbidden this Businessman.
special services have accurately written down conversations of advisers of the new president with advisers of the Criminal Businessman and began live easy further.
Special services knew, and the new president should know that it is necessary to it to lead in relation to special services as - nibud unfriendly, and these records of telephone conversations compromising the president by former communications with this Businessman will immediately get to the mass media.
and then keep. From prowhispers not that that is distinct, but nevertheless it will be possible to understand that the Businessman promised nobody to the known politician a presidential armchair, and in an exchange asked all that businessmen in such cases usually ask. Concessions, privileges, ministers, laws. A prowhisper, of course, proves nothing, but special services know, and the president should know what to prove anything and it is not necessary. If conversations of the president with the Criminal Businessman simply become property of publicity, the new president can forget about ratings, ratings will not be.
Because the people after all see the new president the such daring pilot, and it appears to become the president, it bargained with the Criminal Businessman. Yes it is not important about what. Not important as. It is not important, whether itself or through intermediaries. The people will be extremely disappointed, if are found out suddenly that at the president - the pilot in general though time in life has taken place conversation with the Criminal Businessman. And after all conversation has taken place, and not one, and records lie where it is necessary accurately recorded and ready to the publicity legend.
and while records lie, the new president can dismiss everybody, rearrange everybody in places, subject everybody to disgrace, call everybody to account - except chiefs of a secret service. Because at a secret service on the president it is prepared. A little, but is. A little, but it is enough to arrange political crisis in the country and to spoil to the president career. And never after all you know, whether all they show that have, or at them is still. Most likely, is still.
Therefore any sane president never dismisses chiefs of the secret services. One only the president of Lithuania has got up courage and has tried to dismiss head of the counterspionage. Also what? And here that! Because, if you want to quarrel with bodies, it is necessary to be sacred.