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Yury Jakovchik
the general director of a network Paterson
the Statistics cannot consider all
- the Regional policy Patersona cardinally disperses from a policy of others ritejlerov and estimations of appeal of regions in a rating. You have decided to go the way?
- the Statistics cannot consider only. For example, Sverdlovsk area - in tops and a rating, and in representation of many capital ritejlerov. Thus to the Moscow operator there the network will open is problematic. The market is sated enough. In Ekaterinburg, for example, only local networks of pieces seven, at them more than 60 supermarkets. And to be fixed, entrance investments practically as in Moscow - not less than $3 - 4 million for which return it is necessary to wait five - six years be required. From the point of view of potential the market too not such the attractive. And without that the strong competition in the nearest two - will even more amplify three years, when large networks from Moscow will come: the Crossroads Metro, Ashan with IKEA. The Same it is possible to tell and about Nizhni Novgorod. Against these cities - millionnikov the same south seems to us where more attractively.
- but this region is much poorer. Not casually after all your plans on an exit to Stavropol, Sochi, Astrakhan, Penza competitors name strange...
- we Will begin that the statistics shows a condition not all market, and it white parts. In economy of southern regions the agriculture share, so, and a share of a barter exchange is very great. These streams any statistics to trace not in a condition. Thus, by our estimations, south regions are well-founded enough. For example, in Stavropol which many ritejlery seriously do not perceive, huge private estates, the big housing construction.
the Same with Astrakhan. experts it at all do not consider, losing sight that there there is Open Company Astrakhan - Gazprom on which work about 24 thousand persons and on which the average salary makes about 15 thousand rbl. Forget that there there is a fishing craft in which it is invested an order $15 million By quantity of cars Mercedes on one thousand inhabitants Astrakhan, on my sensations, Moscow was already outstripped. Sochi - dynamically developing resort. There actively buy up or build houses rich people of Dagestan, Adygea and mountain regions. And during a season the population grows twice - to 1 million persons - at the expense of having a rest ekonomklassa . On them too it is possible to earn, after all for them the main thing - economy. And there are products from shop more cheaply, than to eat at restaurant.
- why then other networks name the priorities absolutely other directions: Samara, Ekaterinburg, Kazan?
- it is possible, because at each network the strategy. For the Crossroads for example, first of all its capitalisation is important. Therefore it also makes such large purchases, as network Spar in Bottom or building big torgtsentrov in Samara and Voronezh. Besides it has access to cheap and long western credits.
at us as we develop mainly on own means, other strategy: the minimum investments and as much as possible fast, during two - two and a half years, return of means. To it to adhere in small, nobody the occupied cities is easier. After all in cities of level of Stavropol, either Astrakhan, or the same Penza the competition practically is absent. If it is possible to receive adequate conditions on real estate and to achieve adequate return from shop, business there is not less interesting, than even in capital. Let`s tell, today for Moscow a normal time of recovery of outlay of shop - five years, and in regions - about two or even it is less.
In big cities even the adequate prices for real estate now not to find. For example, now to us in Samara suggest to buy a supermarket for $5,5 million that is very expensive. And in big cities of offers of such plan - the majority. It is necessary to refuse many. Yes, say, in Penza the gain of shop is less, than in millionnike, but there and costs more low; as a result level of profitableness the same.
- you speak about nezanjatosti regions, but have not mentioned population incomes. For you this indicator is not important?
- population Incomes - one of criteria of an estimation of this or that region, but not the basic. For example, in Tolyatti the average salary makes, according to the official statistical data, 6,6 thousand rbl., and in Tver - whether 4,4 thousand Means it, what the shop in Tver will work in one and a half time worse? No! I will tell more. Indicators of our shop in Tver will honour any Moscow supermarket: the average check there as in Moscow, - 249 rbl., and a turn from square metre - $22 whereas in Moscow the average index on network supermarkets makes about $15 from 1 sq. m. Thus, I will notice, two years ago when we only have opened there, many went in Paterson as in a museum not to buy, and to look.
in any, even the most started regional centre people spend for products of not less than $100 in a month. Well and if in a city there live 500 thousand persons, the market volume already makes at least $50 million And even 1 % from number of inhabitants (the most solvent which we consider as the potential clients) buy products not less than on $500 thousand a year. And the half-million of dollars is already the market for which it is necessary to struggle.
high salaries in a city - not an occasion to run there. For example, we considered Norilsk, Magnitogorsk, Cherepovets and other industrial centres. These are rich cities. For example, in Norilsk the average salary makes about $1 thousand a month. But all of us - taki have not risked there to go. To invest millions in shop opening in a city, where an income source one - gradoobrazujushchee the enterprise, too risky.
- Paterson repeatedly declared that in regions intend to open not on one shop, and on two - three. Whether it will appear, what in small and poor cities to which you go, buyers for two - three shops simply it will not be found?
- Is not present. I will result such example. In Tver we have a competitor - a network Antek . When we have come to a city, at one of shops of this network the gain has not fallen. In - the first, 500 thousand persons is all - taki a big city. In - the second if for Moscow hour on the journey is a norm for a regional city even 10 minutes - already are a lot of. There the population much less mobile also will buy products in that shop which is closer.
- on - it turns out to yours what to be guided by statistics at all does not cost?
- Is not present. To make a start from the statistical data correctly, it is necessary to begin with it. But then it is necessary to look on each concrete city. For example, I consider that in the nearest three - five years supermarkets will not open in the cities which are not the regional centres, the centres of manufactures and etc. It is very risky markets.
interview took SERGEY - KANUNNIKOV