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The Samara electoral committees have ceased to fork

thanks to the decision of regional court
race for power

Yesterday the Samara regional court has upheld the decision of Lenin regional court of Samara which has dismissed on April, 16th the municipal electoral committee generated on March, 29th gordumoj with infringement of some local and federal laws. With the appeal on the decision on commission dissolution in regional court has addressed gorduma. Analysts have estimated this verdict as the next victory of governor of the region Konstantin Titov over its political contender the mayor of Samara George Limansky. The lawyer gordumy Alexander Paulov has promised to continue struggle and to appeal against against a judgement.
on March, 29th gorduma Samaras has generated municipal electoral committee which structure, contrary to regional election committee recommendations, included not 9, but 11 persons. It has allowed the mayor Limansky to spend to the commission more than the supporters and to take it under control. Deputies of a thought Alla Dyomin and Michael Anisimov have challenged quantitative structure of electoral committee in Leninsk regional court of Samara, and on April, 16th the court recognised creation of city election committee illegal. Next day the regional election committee has generated the new city commission as a part of nine persons. Now both commissions accuse each other in nelegitimnosti and are engaged in preparation of the elections of deputies appointed to July, 4th gordumy.
Yesterday`s session of regional court under the appeal gordumy Samaras proceeded about six hours. As well as by claim consideration in court of the first instance, representatives gordumy in every possible way tried to drag out process. They referred that in insufficient degree are familiar with business, and asked to wait recover of the chairman of municipal electoral committee Sergey Nikologorsky so that it could take part in hearings. Lawyers of a thought have addressed in court with ten petitions which satisfaction by it it has been refused.
As a result the court has confirmed legality of the decision of subordinate instance about dissolution of wrongfully generated electoral committee. A member wrong the commissions Oleg Kazachek has told that expected other that is why it is suppressed and upset . However to put an end in the conflict round bifurcation of electoral committees while early. The lawyer gordumy Alexander Paulov has declared that the judgement will be unequivocally challenged in regional court presidium, and then if necessary and in the Supreme court . However to search for truths to supporters of the mayor it is necessary already backdating as the regional court decision has come into force immediately. If members of the alternative commission refuse to be dismissed, the word it is necessary to tell to the Central Electoral Commission, which till now only attentively studied a situation waiting a judicial verdict.
Analysts have regarded the regional court decision as the next victory of governor Konstantin Titov in struggle against the mayor of Samara Limansky for control over the municipal electoral committee, developed on the threshold of the elections appointed to July, 4th in gordumu. As observers mark, recently positions of the mayor weaken every day. It confirms also renewal of campaign for a response of the mister of the Limansky mayor from a post, the public organisation developed by active workers Region - Samara . As informed yesterday, on Tuesday they have submitted in protitovsky municipal electoral committee documents on registration of initiative group on a response of the town governor.