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Sanctions without consequences

were entered by George Bush against Syria
fight against terrorism

Yesterday US president George Bush declared introduction of economic sanctions against Syria. As an occasion old charges to Damascus concerning the Syrian support of the international terrorism have served. However, the measures taken by Washington will not make special economic benefit to Syria. It, more likely, the next sign showing discontent which the White house tests in relation to the policy spent by Syrians. And to it in Damascus have already got used.

antiterrorist sanctions
In general - that Syria lives under the American sanctions since 1979 when Washington has included it in the list of the countries supporting terrorism. As a result last quarter of the century from the USA direct investments in the Syrian economy have been forbidden the companies, Damascus could not count on loans and credits from the American financial organisations and so forth. However, it did not prevent to co-operate to businessmen of two countries at intermediary of Lebanon next to Syria, whose liberal economic policy was a fertile field for trade development. But, even despite it, goods turnover level between Syria and the USA did not exceed $300 million and never rendered defining influence on the Syrian economy.
however after arrival to George Bush`s White house - younger and declarations in 2001 of global war with terrorism of the USA have solved dozhat Damascus. The president from the very beginning believed that Syria should be punished for support of the international terrorism in the name of the Palestinian radical organisations, and also the Lebanese grouping Hezbollah . Besides it Damascus have accused of workings out of weapons of mass destruction, and at the same time and in occupation of Lebanon where the Syrian armies are under the contract with Beirut.
after acts of terrorism on September, 11th the authorities of Syria, having weighed all pro and contra, have joined in war with terrorism. In particular, Damascus delivered to Washington the prospecting information on activity Al - Kaidy . The US State department and CIA asserted that it was extremely valuable data. Thanking these two departments the president Bush in the well-known speech About country position in January, 2002 has not included Syria in notorious a harm axis where then Iraq, Iran and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have got.
with falling in Iraq of a mode of Saddam Hussein one place in harm axes it has appeared it is vacant. Libya which along with Syria caused irritation of the White house, has managed to agree with Washington. Therefore Syria led by its president Basharom Asadom became the main thing and the unique applicant for the released Iraq place.

Virtual sanctions
In Washington again have loudly started talking that the Syrian authorities allow Islamic insurgents to filter through territory of the country into Iraq. Besides, the theme of the forbidden arms which in Iraq, for example, and have not found has been taken up. Syria has the most powerful in the Arabian world in potential of the chemical weapon, and there is a high probability of that Syria continues to create potential of offensive biological arms - the official representative of the White house has declared. As he said, at Damascus there is a stock of nervous gas of sarin, and it conducts research workings out on even more toxic and strong gases of nervous action, such as VX . Besides, under the statement of the representative of the White house, Syria possesses an arsenal of ballistic missiles of small radius of action Skud and SS - 21 and as it is considered, has chemical warheads which are available for a part of the rocket forces armed with rockets Skud .
As a result since yesterday Damascus is deprived possibility to buy the American goods, the Syrian accounts for ocean are frozen, and the aircraft service between two countries is forbidden. The exception is made for deliveries of the goods of humanitarian character, in particular medicines and the foodstuffs.
some observers have christened at once these sanctions the virtual. Really, at goods turnover level in $300 million to speak about their economic benefit it is not necessary. Syria especially will not suffer from them, and the USA and at all will not notice. The aircraft service between these countries at all is not present, so and to cancel it is necessary nothing. But even for the American companies the president has tried to reduce possible scanty inconveniences to a minimum. Besides humanitarian production in the list resolved to deliveries to Syria of the goods there was a telecommunication equipment, including mobile phones. This production makes the most part of not numerous American deliveries to Syria. It will allow Syrians to have an easy approach to the information - on - to the the president Bush motivated this exception.
as the former ambassador of Russia in Damascus Yury Gogitidze has declared, introduction of sanctions has more likely symbolical character. Most likely, it is a question of the Intraamerican orientation. Eventually, the congress of the USA still has in the end of the last year approved the bill calling the president to enter against Syria the whole complex of economic sanctions. However long time of a paper lay without movement. But with approach of presidential election planned for November in the USA ice has got under way. The Jewish community influential in the United States lobbied for a long time toughening of a policy concerning Syria. Present gesture allows to involve on the party of republican Bush of a voice of the American Jews traditionally gravitating to democrats.

erroneous sanctions
Despite it, in Syria have shown anxiety in connection with the American demarche. The Syrian prime minister Nadzhi al - Atari named sanctions unfair and unjustified . It was supported by the president of the next Lebanon Emil Lahud: Acceptance of this erroneous under the maintenance and decision time testifies that the American administration not to the full understands character of region and its structure . In this connection the question arises with the decision of the USA, whether a series of the errors admitted by the American administration in Near-Eastern region, to even bolshej escalation of intensity and disappointment in the Arabian competent circles " will result; - mister Lahud has underlined. And the Syrian prime minister has added a bit later that Syria is capable to resist to external pressure and does not intend to change the positions of principle .
However, Damascus the entered sanctions, and their possible political consequences disturb not. As the adviser of the minister of the information of Syria Ahmed Hadzh Ali believes, the situation extremely will become complicated, if the USA force the European union to follow to their example. And after all EU is the core trading - the economic partner of Syria. However these fears were dispelled yesterday by the prime minister of Great Britain Tony Blair. As he said, London divides fears of Washington, but will continue to co-operate with Damascus in different branches. If the most true American ally for other members of the European Union Syria can not worry adheres to such point of view.
despite it, in Damascus, possibly, have decided to make secure in case the USA not begin to be limited to economic sanctions and will test the power scenario. Yesterday it is declared resignation of the Minister of Defence of the country Mustafy Tlasa holding this post more of 30 years. Nevertheless about the end of an epoch speech does not go, and Bashar Asad will continue to lean against the old guards serving faithfully still his father. Simply 74 - the summer veteran of the Syrian army complained for a long time of a state of health and hardly could continue is high-grade to supervise over army in case of war. However, especially successful from this point of view replacement to the head of the Minister of Defence you will not name. The new minister becomes 69 - summer general Hasan Turkmani. However, probably, business is not so elderly. Eventually, Syria has lost war with Israel in 1973 when Minister of Defence Tlas for 30 years was younger, than now.